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Next time when it's contest voting time... Answered

It would be fairer to sort the entries from least views at the beginning, to most views at the end. Now, it's the opposite. And visitors are too lazy to browse to the last page of the contest, which can be seen in the views counts: Right now in the Humana Health by Design Contest, the last entry has 43 views, which is only 0.1% of the views the one at the beginning has: 32,171. This means that whether an entry is going to be a finalist, only depends on little differences in views at the beginning of the contest. The ones that are just a little in the majority get almost all views, the ones who were just a little in the minority get much less views, so the differences get bigger and bigger during voting time. And the amount of votes of course depends on the amount of views.
It would be fairer if all entries get about as much viewers, so the same chances. This can easily be done by sorting them in the opposite order, so they switch positions all the time.


I've been thinking about this for a while now, and I absolutely agree with you. 

thanks! I hope this gets through

 I understand your point. But one could argue that the 'better' instructables are the ones that get the most views/highest rating.

Sometimes there may be a rare gem that misses out on a mass number of view due to a poor title, or poor thumbnail image. Then again, the better instructables tend to have a better thumbnail!

I get that its a pain when your entry does not do the best it could. Currently, there is a drop down box, to allow anyone to choose different ways of sorting. Most serious voters do so using more than just one sorting filter.

A lot of votes are also made direct from the Instructable.

At the end of the day, there is a reason why better content is picked out and featured, featured gives it more views, and more views equals more votes, as you said.

They should all be displayed on one page, in a random order, so you can see every entry side by side.

I favour having a knowledge of who is in, and looking through all of them for the ones you remember.
Apathy in looking is connected with apathy in voting.


A very understandable argument but I for one would immediatly dodge this by going to the last page.

I agree there are gems that don't get the attention they deserve but thats why there is a rule that half the ones in the finale are voter chosen and the other half jury chosen. So those gems may be picked up. If it happens I don't know but that's why that's there.

Why would I not see the ones with the least views? Well because most of them are really really bad. Google image ibles, ibles that are half worked out. Dumb ideas etc etc...

In a perfect world the ones that post the google images ibles would understand that there is no chance in hell they can win and therefore wouldn't post that stuff and the ones with the blurry images would make better pictures and the ones with the bad ideas would realize it but unfortunatly this isn't a perfect world. So I won't look from the least views to the most.

However in voting I always look through 5 pages of ibles (unless there are more good entries but mostly this doens't happen). After 5 pages usually the only ones i miss are the occasional gems.

So I get where you are coming from but I don't see a real solution unless you could stop people from entering bad ibles so there is less to look through

This point has been raised before.

My favoured solution was that the default listing be random in order.

I think this is a reasonable, well thought out and stated suggestion.