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NightVission Answered

ok i was lookin at this rad instructable which made me sart thinking if only my camera can see IR light then what if I got a super strong IR led (or alot of them) then I searched and found this which said to buy this from radio shack which made me search for high output IR leds I found this (the one at the bottom look strongest) but I did'nt know if my camera would pick it up

Please help me out here I don't know much about IR if you know what kind I should get (I'm looking for the strongest kind, or just whatever will work best) please find it on amazon or whatever



11 years ago

DigiKey has a good selection of IRED's. You can buy IRED's @ 880nm from 16 to 27mW/sr with a 20deg beam angle. They are just $0.38 to $0.42 each. I bought a couple hundred a few years back to build IR illuminator 'panels' and arrays. Also have placed clusters at 10 yard intervals in the back yard so I know what range I'm firing at when predators sneak into our yard (coyotes love tasty kittie kats...). I ran ~700ft of plenum rated CAT5 cable all back to the control hub. Each cluster has a dimmed visible red LED in the center for use without the NVG's (night vision goggles). Pretty cool setup. IRED's are really fun.

I used to confuse the heck out of my fellow soldiers when out in the field by making IRED 'throwies' and placing them on the perimeter. I'd tape some to low shrubs that swayed with the desert winds (@ Yakima Firing Center, Yakima, WA) and point out the 'possible threat' to a buddy or even an officer. What fun! They'd don their NOD's and go off to investigate only to be suckered!

Mouser has great prices too, no minimum order.
Digikey has done away w/ their $25 minimum order policy, thanks Digi!
Have fun All,

i suggest buying them from a real electronics supply store were you can get them for about 20 cents each...but you would need alot of them for your camera to really pick up..

the one the bottom only has a spread of about 10 degrees, I don't think that's a good idea for nightvision, I would get the first one on that page