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Nightvision Answered

Would it be possible to create goggles that use a old cellphone screen and a cheap webcam and still be battery powered? I currently have two old cell phones in really good condition internally, and all that would be left is the webcam and the LEDs. If this turns out correctly it should be able to view IR light fairly well. Hopefully it will work the same as the shown goggles but not as bulky.


And you need to remove the lens and either remove the IR filter or scratch it off the lens (( depends on who made the camera module )) but it should work

hi, it would have been easier if you just had a cell phone with a camera and a few powerful IR LED's that would have worked on its own. But I'm not sure about all of the wiring ect that needs to be done for what you want though so sorry. Hope you eventually figure it out :)