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Nikon D3000- Is it any good? Answered

Hello All

i wanna get my lil sis a SLR camera forher birthday, dont wanna drop too much.
Has any one got a Nikon D3000?
If so what does everyone think about it?

Are there any better ones at that price point?



8 years ago


He hates it, and I love it. if you don't need awesome photos at a resolution of 1600+, you'll be fine...

My star track photos were taken with the D3000.


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8 years ago

I seriously considered one before buying the D5000. It's a fine camera, it lacks live view, but that isn't really an issue, I never use it anyways, and have been trying to teach my wife not to either. No video mode, but video on the D5000 sucks! so no loss there. No onboard focusing motors, but the silent wave motor lenses are faster and quieter than the built in body motors, so unless you have a stockpile of old lenses, again, no loss there.