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Nikon D40 Question Answered

I was reading this instructable https://www.instructables.com/id/Turn-a-TI-Graphing-Calculator-into-an-Intervalomet/
and I was wondering if any has tried this on a Nikon D40. I don't have the link cable but I am sure I could find one at a Futureshop or Staples. I have a cable that hooks up to the computer and then my camera but it is looking like the cable might be to small. The port that looks like it might be the one, is the one above the USB port, underneath the hatch.

Sorry if I am to vague, I would be glad to re-word it if you need me to.


So if I want to do Time lapses I am gonna have to buy either commercial software, or a IR trigger? Can you link me to either a good Intervalometer or IR trigger. Under 80$ is preferable. I would do it myslef but I am tied up at the moment.

Here's a sample (I don't think this is speced to work with the D40, but there's 9 pages of photo eq, and I just looked at the first remote that works with Nikon.)
Maybe it will work, or maybe they have a better one if you dig for it.

These guys have a ton of asian-rim products, cheap. I've never bought from the site, but you can't beat the price...

You'd probably have to mod it to use a timer, of course.


10 years ago

I have two Nikon SLRs, but not the D40 (I've got a D1X and a D2X.)

I've done lots of work within Nikon Capture (now Capture NX) and it used to include "Capture Control," which let you fully control the camera from any computer, usually a laptop. That includes image scheduling, etc.

They've removed that capability from Capture NX, and moved it to a separate program, Camera Control Pro. It's commercial software, like Capture NX. Appears it would work with the D40.

Unfortunately, Nikon is very much NOT interested in releasing any of the USB command information for use with open source projects. The Nikon raw format (NEF) has been reverse engineered, but it's taken time and Nikon changes it periodically....

. According to page two of the D40 manual ( PDF courtesy of Nikon ), the connector above the USB port is for video. As far as I can tell, you have to use an IR trigger, but I didn't dig too deep into the manual.