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Nikon D60 Grip with shutter release? Answered

I have a Targus D60 grip with vertical shutter release for my D60, is there a way to make the shutter button physically trigger the camera instead of IR? There is a set of contacts in the Battery Box, are any connected to the shutter?


Dream Dragon

5 years ago

Do we have any clues to what these contacts do? Obviously there are the 3 battery contacts, +,- and "s" (what does "S" do?)

Then there's that pair of square, gold looking things, which may be some kind of ribbon film, and the 5 circular points as well.

They could be some kind of testing circuit for the software or something...?

macwhizDream Dragon

Answer 5 years ago

The S allows for balance charging for the 2 cell LiPo Battery, and Im trying to figure out if the round or square contacts are connected to the trigger in any way


6 years ago

I also know that the contacts are on the shutter board. I will test for continuity between contacts when I press the shutter.