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Ninja Hoodie/mask Answered

Does anyone know how to make a ninja hoodie with a mask like the one in this link? NinjaHoodie
I've searched everywhere but i can't find anything on how to make this.


you might be able to take the piece of cloth you want to use as your mask, and either sew it to the sides of the hood near the back, or maybe even along the seem in the back of the hood, like as a loop, then you can just pull it over your head and it'll be kind of stretched across your face.

any ideas on how i might sew or Velcro it in without it being noticeable from the outside that i have modded my hoodie?

Why not make it zip up the front of the face gaurd, cut it in half so it can fold in and velcro to the inside of the hood, then make it so that you can zip the face mask together when you un velcro it.

Easy! All you need is a black scarf and a black hoodie with draw strings, wrap the scarf round your face neatly so it covers your mouth and nose, then pull ya hood up and pull the draw strings tight, now tie the strings in a knot/bow behind your head and your all ninja'd up! Add a smart baseball cap if ya wanna look like a hooligan.


10 years ago

It looks like two pieces - a black bandanna-type thing under a hood. You could modify a hoodie with some black fabric. Either sew it in, or stick it in there with some velcro.

Alternatively, you could do something more complicated, kind of like this with modifications.