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Ninja Weapons 101? Answered

May I ask what qualifications you posess? When you say you "know the way of all the weapons and how to make them in under 10 mins" you are lying. Yes they can be made badly form odd found materials throughout the home, but to make for examble a ninja-to bokken or yari spear at best will take days.


by the way electical covers from walmart = 50cents each hack saw (found one at the doller store)maybe 20min less if you have a power tool =
countless hours of throwing star fun his name was mog something real good instructable 5/5

there was a dude at instuctables who showed us how to make real nice shurikens no as i try to show a friend where i learned all i can find is paper and "cd" shurikens i look for weapons and all i get is toys

I agree with havoc, im going to bet that you are around 13-15, and make imitation ninja weapons out of thing you find laying around the house. Also, I noticed it says this, "this is intended for having fun NOT KILLING PEOPLE!" in the description...Ninja weapons are meant for killing people. That's why they were invented.

I'm so ninja I can punch air at someone hard enough to knock them out, so I don't really need weapons. I guess the rubber band and hornet doesn't count?

I have made a bokken in 3 hours. I found a craig myrtle limb, that was around 2 inches thick at the base. It has to be curved in only one direction. It should look be shaped some what like a samurai sword. THen you cut it to your specifications, and take the bark and twigs off. Let this dry for about an hour. Then simply wrap electrical tape around the handle and use a tennis ball for a guard. if you have questions my emails keeglef2@aol.com

Nice one, I made one in a similar time from a solid piece of wood. But I used hickory, and cut it to fit a tsuba from a previous commercial bokken I had. Using a wood plane and chisels for engravings and japanese caligraphy works well. But you should remove all knots and limbs from the wood prior to carving. Never after, as you can either slip and scrath your work, or you will take a very large chunk out by mistake.

There is a guy in Omaha, Nebraska named Lyle who can make on in a bout an hour. Just thought you should know. and i'm talking about the bokken.

From one solid piece of wood? I find that hard to believe. Perhaps using the glue method. But still, I am right then, you cannot make anything like that properly in under 10 mins.