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Nintendo DS TFT LCD Display mod's etc... Answered

This is my first post here, though i have been visiting instructables for quite a while now. Anyway, straight to the point. I have been searching the web for LCD controllers and drivers for the better part of a year now. My hope was to find some web source that might give me some insight on how to reuse an old, but still functional, Nintendo DS TFT LCD display. My efforts thus far have been fruitless. I was hoping that someone with greater knowledge of LCD's and or LCD controllers might post an instructable on Finding/Building/Using a LCD controller. My ultimate goal here is to use the top LCD from the DS as a Heads Up Display/Widget Display for my PC. Hopefully connected via USB. Additionally, my dream would be to have a custom built tablet of sorts that uses the bottom LCD/Touch screen to control widgets and/or (insert media player of choice) via the touch screen. I know this is a rather daunting task, but really all i am hoping for is a little more information from those in the instructables community who have more knowledge on the subject than i do. Info on the LCD TFT LCD Display Manufacturer: Sharp or Hitachi (i'm not sure) Size: 3-Inch Resolution: 256 x 192


I know this thread is very old, but it appears a great deal of info is available on the nintendo nds screen here: https://www.sparkfun.com/products/13631

Golog, do you make it work?, this post was 6 years ago, but I am interested

That's one thing that there has to be more explanation of on websites, lcd drivers


10 years ago

Hazah and Vunderbra.
Problem Solved... kinda. Found this web page that sells small LCD controllers, and wouldn't you know it they even have kits for LCD's of the same type as the Nintendo DS's displays.
Site is here:

Now i just have to buy one, set it up and then I'll report back with a little instructable on it. Now if only i had the spare change sitting around to buy one. _

BTW: still looking for more info on TFT LCD's, controllers, etc... Anyone willing to pass on a little knowledge please let me know.

Sounds cool. I'm too much of a noob to do this, but I might build one if I had instructions. Welcome to the site. If you need anything let me know and I'll help you.

Thanks much. Hopefully I can get some more info on this. I'll keep posting as more information is made available to me.