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Nintendo NES Multi Jukebox - trying to figure out a relay system Answered

Nintendo NES Multi cart Jukebox - how would you make a push button relay to switch between plugged in carts (game carts, plugged into a 72-pin connector, wired to a multi-relay switch board, then wired to 1 NES console board). How would you do 20? 50? 100?. I want to build a huge NES with a clear top showing all the game carts to choose from... like a big NES jukebox. HELP?!?!?!?


What you are talking about is the Nintendo M82 essentially. It wouldn't be impossible, but complications could arise. See this thread on nintendoage for some discussion on the topic:


Like mpilchfamily said, try wiring them up in parallel except for the ground and vcc would probably work. I have heard that when people have tried extending the cartridge connectors too far from the console the games did not work (increased resistance), but cannot verify that myself. With the time and money it would take it might just be better to get the original M82 unit. They cost a lot of money, but chances of getting your own version working without any bugs would be difficult.

I've actually seen a system like that. It was in a Dentist office i went to growing up. It had a Saga Genesis and 5 games in it.

Wiring such a system would not be fun. I would try wiring all the carts together in Parallel except for the ground and VCC pins. Not sure if it would work or not but it stands to reason that if the other carts don't have any power going to them they wouldn't inter fear with the one that does. If it works it would make the job of finding a good selector switch or relay much easier. But you would have to wire a couple carts together and test it.

You could probably run the whole selection system on an Arduino with a few shift registers. With enough shift registers you could control enough outputs to toggle all the relays needed to control 100 carts.