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Nintendo Power Glove Bluetooth controller for iPhone Answered

Hola. Here is my current lust for an accessory for my iPhone. I would like to strip down a Nintendo Power Glove and replace the guts with the innards of a current bluetooth accessory (if one exists) that has all of these features; answer call, hang up, play/pause, next/previous, volume up/down, and hopefully home button for voice control. Anything else you can think of to add to the list would be helpful considering there are a great deal of buttons on the glove.

Now I don't know what bluetooth signals are required for these functions and I'm pretty sure that the remote voice control isn't available, but maybe with a little of your help this might be a pretty fun toy. Tell me what you think.


hihi, you are asking a more complex question than it sounds. But it is possible to have a bluetooth enabled power glove, see: https://www.instructables.com/id/Power-Glove-20th-Anniversary-Edition/

I have purchased everything needed for this project and still put it off because of the seeming complexity. Good luck with your dream. But you can do it, I think everything you need is either here on instructables or available through the authors such asbiphenylthe author of the project in the link in this comment.

Great idea you have...

    Sounds cool. I have never used, heard of, or even seen one of those gloves. Well until I just looked at that pic. Anyway I was thinking maybe an arduino I have no experience whats so ever with them, but I think you could so that kind of stuff. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.

    Just an idea. I thought I saw one with blue tooth capabilities. I can't really think of anything else at this time. Hope this helps at least to get some ideas.