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Nintendo controller laptop case Answered

The classic Nintendo controller keeps showing up in crafts everywhere and this felt laptop case is the latest and greatest one to pop up. It looks so nice I'd love to have one for myself. It would go nicely with an upcoming Nintendo project I'm slowly working on.

Flickr page via Gizmodo


May I ask how much fabric you used? I'd love to make one as a present for my sister. We grew up with the the old Nintendo, this is adorable!

 dude you have made a awesome work:)

oooh!!! Almost forgot!!! I came across a GBA a few months back that was made up to look like a NES controller, I wish I bought it cos it looked cool... :D

I miss playing on a real NES on an old 14" TV, I never did get past level 14 of SMB though, but one of the bits of music from Dr. Mario really has stuck with me, every now and then I find myself whistling the "healthy" theme.... :D I won't miss the cartridge blowing though, I almost passed out once!!! :S

This rocks. I really want one now :)

nintendo was great back in the 80's and 90's, but when you try to combine old games with new tech, it fails terribly.

Nintendo Rocks! I still love to play SMB3. I even bought it for my Gameboy... This is a great project, so if you don't like the old nintendo fine. Let us real fans create and play this and you can play that new WII out... oh wait, I wanna play that too... Nintendo any generation ROCKS!!!!

I like the old nintendo before the new one.

So you liked the old systems when they were new? N64 still beats 360 or PS3 by a longshot!

The nintendo in the 80's and 90's was better than present day nintendo. Now they try to combine classic games with semi-good graphics with brand new tech, it fails on so many levels.

seriously, quit being a basher. just because you may not like retro mixed with high tech doesn't mean it's a terrible idea.

Im not bashing nintendo, Im just saying what I think. I have a gameboy, so yeah...

Not really... the SMB3 remake for the Gameboy is actually pretty good. But I love getting a NES emulator and playing all those old games. I don't usually go for the remakes or clone copies. Just the same classic games with the same crappy graphics, besides if it is a fun who cares. One of the funniest games Maniac Mansion had the worst graphics. But I love playing it because of the storyline. (Besides how often do you get to nuke a hamster, without a huge consequences)

This should be featured

Haha awesome. Love these nintendo crafts ! Also sweet avatar fungus !

Thanks. It's a reminder for me to get my Nintendo project done.

Long live the NES!