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Nintendo wii to nintendo DSI game transfer Answered

Can you transfer a game from the nintendo wii to an SD card and then play it on a nintendo DSI?


it really depends. 1. the DSI can't play Wii games period. theres just no way because the wii for one has a lot more processing power, and then the motion sensor controlor and sensor bar and such can't be hooked up. 2. You could go on to the wii browser and possibly download a .nds game on to the SD card. if you have a flash card, use that to hack into the DS and access the SD card. really though, it is pointless. as far as i know, you can't just load a game onto the SD card, and have the DSI reconize it.

okay i have a sd card and everything but i put the sd card in the wii and i downloaded the wii games to the sd card so i put in mi nintendo and nothing happened and i really want to play the game that i downloaded but you did good so far with it looks like ur pretty smart lol thnx tho

There are a number of things you have to do. First, you'd have to flash your Wii to be able to play the game. Look up a Instructable on the 'homebrew channel' and you'll find what you need. After that, you should be able to play the wii game on the Wii from the SD. I have never tried this though, so you'll have to find out to be sure....


> 1. the DSI can't play Wii games period. Not quite true .... Mahjong Fight Club for the Wii can actually download a DS version of the game to 3 DS/DSi within wifi range and play a four player game The version downloaded is not the Wii game but neither is it the DS version either as the DS version only supports play DS 2 DS ... it is a modified version of the DS version that will talk to the Wii We may start to see other games that play Wii-2-DSL/i as far as SD cards go you cannot currently playa game from the SD card as the DS will not SEE the SD card except when using the photo and music apps.

'that i'd say isn't true... in the wii game disk there is the "wii client" game and the "DSI client" game.

Thats different entirely. I find the best way to explain it is thinking of it like computers: Windows and Macs are completely different, you can't run windows programs on a Mac and vise versa, but Windows and Macs can still talk to each other(in a sense). you can connect Macs and Windows computers and get them to do things(like the internet), but they will never be the same, they will never be able to run each others programs. It's almost exactly the same with the DSI and wii, they are different in terms of RAM, the processor, and such things that make playing Wii games on the DSI not possible. Even if you could some how write a program to run Wii games on the DSI and run it on the DSI, it would just freeze because the DSI would run out of memory before anything loads(if anything could load at all).

No, it's impossible. You have to be an AMAZING coder.

Thanks for the answer. I was thinking about that all the time when I was waiting for my dsi and when I finally got it and saw the way it works I realized that trying to get a game downloaded onto it was going to be impossible. It's even hard to get music on it. You have to convert it into a AAC format just to get it on there. But Thanks for the answer I like that people actually listen and think about my questions. 8)

No problem. Oh, and if you want an easier way to convert your songs, download Winamp.