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Nissan Sentra How to disable Spark and Fuel injection on one cylinder? Answered

2002 Nissan Sentra GXE 1.8 liter engine.
How to disable Spark and Fuel injection to one cylinder?

Explanation. This car has been losing small amounts of Anti Freeze.
I thought it was leaking into the Oil from the Head Gasket. Oil looked a little milky to me.
Had a mechanic check it out and he believes it is leaking into the cylinder chamber. He said he didn’t see any water in the oil. Some white smoke is coming from the exhaust, but not too much.
Hopefully I have caught it before it gets too bad.
Since this car has 175,000 miles, it would be too expensive to just replace the head gasket.
As an alternative, I’m going to try K&W Head Gasket and Block Treatment.
I have read where this will work in most circumstances if you follow the instruction to the letter.

In the instruction it says to check the spark plugs for an Orange/White crystal or fluid appearance.
I assume the idea to remove the spark plug is so the pressure from the cylinder compression will not force the treatment back and not allow it to really seal correctly.

But how do you disable the Spark and Fuel injection on one cylinder?

Any help or experience would be helpful.



Best Answer 8 years ago

Do NOT remove the plug or disable it in any way.  Part of the process is the heat from the burning of fuel.  If you disable that cylinder it will take much longer to seal if it does at all. 

Bypass your heater core they can become clogged with the stuff. 

Flush ALL of the antifreeze out before the treatment.  Antifreeze will prevent hardening.  Flush all of the treatment after.

Good luck.


8 years ago

If each cylinder is supplied by individual injectors, the answer is simple.

1) unplug the specified spark plug.
2) unplug the electrical connector from the specified injector

If the cylinders share common injectors (via intake manifold) you're humped.