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No Doomsday in 2012! Answered

This is a good read.

This article argues why the world wont end in 2012, as the mayans predicted.

No Doomsday in 2012

It calmed my superstitions.


Meh, Ive given up on society these days. Sometimes I think that the world really will end up going to hell in a pooper-scooper. (Not because of a bomb or asteroid, but because alot of people cant survive without anything else to help them)
...Sometimes I no longer CARE whether the world is going to hell in a pooper-scooper.
Me and my Cynical personality =).
Anyway, the mayans "predicted" that it would end in 2012 only because their calendar ended on the 21st december 2012. How lame would it be, the moment school finishes, we are all happy, then suddenly we get obliterated?

Well my birthday is december 22, Aw man

I don't buy the whole world is ending in 2012 theory but I did see the movie and it was pretty cool. I went to the site listed and couldn't help noticing this.


Don't belive it. I went to nasa.com,scientist were saying that its not possible.The thing about the solar storm happens all the time.It's called a solar maxuim it happens every so years but they say it will be weaker this time.For people that don't know what planet x or nibriu is well its a big celestral body that is supost to be on a collison course to earth.Nasa also turned that one into crap.So I don't belive it.I will still be here with all the humankind still on earth.

It's not them, it's an ad that was put there on the basis of revalency.

I'm sorry, but does anyone realize that a dead civilization can't finish a calendar, or they couldn't finish the calendar (didn't know how, the system they used didn't go that far, they figured a couple thousand years were enough, ect)?

Are you sure there won't be a doomsday in 2012? It'll be just after yet another presidential race...can the world handle the disappointment?

. kelseymh + LHC + 2012 = contraction of Universe to a singularity.
. Big Bang. "Let there be light". ... Deja vu all over again.
. Be afraid. Be very afraid.


10 years ago

Aww... and I was so looking forward to it! :-(

Haha! LOL! ....L.....ol? *worried look*

And not only this but HOW MANY TIMES has the "End of the world" come around? It's getting to be a bit "Cry Wolf" 1900 1954 (or was it '55?) ...EINSTEIN predicted THAT, by the way 2000 And so far-- No end of the world.

No dude you got it all wrong! Y2K is coming! It just hasnt happened yet. The man wants you to think it already happened, but the truth is its still 1996!!!!!

Of course doomsday isn't 2012 - my school is due to close the year before that.

What?!!! You'll be out of a job! GASPGASPGASPGASP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Quick!!!! get a Kiteman support fund!!! Everybody! Donate!!

The situation is; we currently have a three-tier school system (primary-middle-high). The council decided that a two-tier system would be better (they claim that the changes between schools damage results, so said they want to cut the number of changes).

What they are really doing is changing to a different three-tier system (primary-high-sixth form), but one which has a lot fewer expensive management-level teachers in it.

Anyhoo, us middle school teacher will be made redundant in 2011, but there will still be the same number of pupils to teach. I will, therefore be switching to high school.

I hope to get a contract sorted between September and Christmas, to start 2011, so that I can stay in my current job until the day they lock the doors. If that doesn't happen, I'll be looking for a job out of the area.

I will, therefore be switching to high school.

Lucky you (I don't know how it is over there, but I wouldn't want to teach HS in the best of our Public Schools.

If I teach high school, I get to teach proper science with proper kit - if I go down to primary, I have to teach all subjects with glue and crayons.

Oh yes, I see, given those choices.......depending on the area I lived in (if the same happened here, with me in the same situation) I see the advantage.

I just meant it has gone from stupid to downright ludicrous here. I thought high school was a fairly safe place when I went (as long as I avoided the POT heads, I kept out of trouble).
Now it is unsafe no matter what: you may get shot, or on the other hand you may get expelled for having an unauthorized aspirin on you person, or forgot to register the asthma inhaler that keeps you breathing; and then carry it to school.
It is a sad state of affairs that things are coming to. *sigh* Give me a computer to interface with, it rarely threatens me ;-)

We're not quite so bad here yet - whilst teachers have a right to search for weapons, we don't have metal detectors on the doors of most high schools.

We also (so far) don't have a general "ZT" policy (I heard of a US student getting expelled for having the initials of two rival gangs on his notebook, despite the fact that they were his own initials as well).

As an aside, I can heartily recommend the the free newsletter from This Is True - the author trawls the media looking for weird stories illustrating the general stupidity of modern humans and the idiots they let be in charge. Here's the current free issue (there's a longer version you can pay for).

Oh my word ! ( Bend over and smile, article ). Ok, I thought I had seen just about everything *shakes head*. Talk about money that NEEDED to be laundered LOL Thanks for that link....I shall treasure that site for as long as they exist :-)

somehow, i cant see kiteman teaching a&c; lol

perhaps arts and crafts *shrug*

You have middle and high schools? I thought primary year 1-6, secondary year 7-11 and sixth form 12-13 was pretty much standard across the UK. Go figure. Also, until recently I'd never heard a school in the UK referred to as a "high school"- we're going to have "coloring in" pretty soon :S Anyways, best of luck with avoiding the glue and crayons...

Middle schools are rare (and, from 2011, even rarer).

In my opinion, and the opinion of everybody I have spoken to, middle school are a Good Thing - students are staged up to "big school" (instead of jumping stright from a school of 200 to a school of 1400), they go through the stress of puberty in a more supporting atmosphere, and then get a fresh start away from the staff they fell out with during puberty.

We have 600 kids in my school, and I know half of them by name, the rest by face, and they all know me. In my wife's high school of over 1400 kids, there are a large proportion who do not know she is a teacher. I went into the building this week, walked right through the school and even through the office before anybody realised I didn't work there. How are the staff ever going to know the kids in a place like that?

The only people I have met who think it's a good idea to get rid of middles are the woman who came up with the idea and one of her cronies. Their supporting data is suspect, their methodology unsound, but they've promised massive financial savings, so the council have been sucked in.

On the other hand, the Isle of Wight are keen on middles (they're investing in them), and I understand Australia is planning on starting them (perhaps an Oz reader can confirm?).

Heed my warnings! The world will end on the 21st of December, the year of 2012!

Are you sure? If so, then the global warming issue is no big deal. I'll start burning old tyres and killing trees just for fun. I've got a lot of deisel and battery acid I'd like to pour into the local trout stream. On the other hand, if you're wrong....

if it doesnt end, i reserve the right to make a forum topic in big bold letters saying: ha!skate! i told you it wouldnt end! in ur face! if it does end, you can do the same for me.

Ah, be sure to mention my name, as a supporter of that forum topic!

If it is true, I won't be able to because I'll be dead. But feel free, come 2012, make the forum topic. Hell, I'll make it xD

Awwww... I was kinda hoping for that. It was such an accurate date. Supposedly all of the planets alline on that date, but I don't remember where I heard/read that.

If I really thought 2012 was the end, I'd definitely go into default on my student loans. Oh yeah, I'd start smoking, and eat fried food only.

The Mayans didn't predict it, it's merely where their calender ended. Which, only says that their hands got tired.

Although its true that not all of them predicted "The End", I heard that there weresome manuscripts about that......