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No Patches? Make Question Images! Answered

Have no patches and your page looks plain? Add colorful pictures to your questions to make it look better! Example... If you have a question about baking, make the image a cookie, cake or or other treat. If you have a question about computers, upload a picture of a computer or a laptop. And if you have a question about instructables, upload the instructables hand or robot!


Not only that, but I think questions with pictures tend to get more attention from people with answers, too.

Especially if the images are actually relevant to the question being asked.

Oh noes, we seem to have the same avatar. Oh well, we can confuse them for a while :D

The big question is, will Eric notice? And will he figure it out?

I think Eric's pretty smart... ;) And if we don't think he's figuring it out we just need to recruit moar corvids! He'll get it eventually. :D

As long as it doesn't get stuck perched above the monkey, or poop on somebody's keyboard, shouldn't be a problem ;->

If you get enough maybe they'll rewrite Shakespeare...

Those words make me laugh my head off xD

So what's your bird this time?

Still wrong. But pretty. Just a bandwagoner :-)

You need to do something more creative with your avatars!

is it still considered creative the 30th time you do it?

Yeah lol, but I can't really think of anything.

Not all of us have positive brand identity in the form of an easily recognisable shape... though I did consider doing something with the silhouette of the shoji lamp since that seems to be my "logo".

Hehe, I have been working hard to build up that identity, i did not want to stray with the raven..

Consilience, synchronicity, call it what you will. We chose them entirely independently (but at least I have a good reason -- Stellar's Jay, like myself, is native to California :-).

There, I've solved that little problem. I've always been something of a leftist, anyway :-)

Now it just looks ridiculous going down the line between you two. Like a zig zag!

Less ridiculuous than looking like someone talking to (him|her)self?

What's up with all the birds? Is this a secret club or something?

Ok, now I actually get it. Very nice gesture, I like it!

I've always been something of a leftist, anyway

What's wrong about being a righty? Huh?

Heh! I just PM'ed you with the same observation, before seeing this comment.

Good idea L

People won't always post question images but we could always use their avatar to improve the general look, though that would make it a little eclectic with peoples avatars being fairly variable...