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No active partition error Answered

I decided to try ubuntu on the p2, and each time I tried to install it, it got up to the root file system mount process, it stalls out, on both the 6.06 and 7.04 version. Now I can't even boot off the cd, it just fails at the cd boot and gives me a "Not found any [active partition] in HDD" then says " Disk boot failure, insert system disk and press enter" I found this rather puzzleing as I just formated the disk on another computer and it's fine.


It sounds like a problem with the CD boot code. How did you burn the Ubuntu CD? Did you have an ISO file? What does the contents of the CD look like when mounted on a working computer?

If it was a problem with the boot code, wouldn't it just not boot at all? I actually got into the live boot/install selection part. I simply downloaded the official iso off their site and burned it to a blank cdr. And the cd contents look fine on my thinkpad, even boots fine too.

I said the boot code on the CD. Since you created it with the ISO file and it looks and works on your Thinkpad, your problem has to be the BIOS on your P2. Check the boot order settings and verify that CD booting is enabled a precedes HD booting.

I finally got it to boot to the cd again, I think I accidently selected boot from hd from the ubuntu boot menu (why that's there I have no idea) but all I got to was with it hanging again at file mount stage.

You mean the drive mount stage? You may need to partition/initialize the HD without installing a filesystem on it. The CD should take you through the process of creating the partitions when needed.

Well even if the hd was unpartitioned, I would imagine it should still go. But the drive was partitioned and formated with ntfs and I know it works because It's hooked up with a usb adapter to my laptop right now. Could it be because I only have 128mb of ram?

The problem as I see it is that the drive is partitioned and has a FS on it that the Installer has a problem with. Having no filesystem on it would eliminate the hang at the time it tries to mount the drive(s).

Btw, I know for a fact there are a handful of linux nerds on this site