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No more traffic sources report? Answered

I remember that it was possible to see the traffic sources in the stats of an instructable. Did this feature disappear with the site update?



Glad to see it is back. I had also noticed this.

After some investigation, removing it was intentional because it was causing errors on the site. They have plans to rewrite the code for it, and it should come back some time in the near future.

Ok thanks, I am waiting for the new code then!

It should be back now.

I will confirm why it is gone. However, project stats is something that is definitely coming back in some meaningful form in the future. What project stats are most important to you? Is there any particular way you would like to be able to view them?

The traffic of sources was quite interesting.
And a graph with the number of views and favorite as a function of time would also be great. But on each instructable. I think there is already something like this on Instructables (I found it this morning), but I can't remember where it is located...

There is a "stats" box on your profile's Instructable view. It only lets you get composite graphs of your views, and doesn't allow you to compare and contrast projects on different vectors.

Favorites would be interesting to see.

That really is an important feature for me. It often allows me to find those who have copied some or all of my work and posted it elsewhere.

To me, the traffic you can see comes from the articles that summarize and credit your work (if I remember well it was possible to see the websites that directed viewers to your instructable), so that is rather a good thing! The ones that copied without crediting are not visible because no one got redirected to your original work...

Anyway, that was a good feature, to see if an instructable has been shared on Facebook, or any other social media or blog.

Thanks for the feedback. Do you use stats in any other way? Are there any stats that you would like to see on your projects?

While it is a bit more time consuming, you can reverse image search your main image in Google. I found that has been the most effective way to find thievery. What do you do when you find someone copying you? Do you send a friendly note or formal DMCA?

Not working on my computer on chrome too.