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No n64 hacks! Answered

Nobody has made anything about n64 hacks!


ugh finally i can post now..safart wont work anymore

and i never said the n64 sucks, im just saying there is better things out there

Does anyone know how many games were actually made for N64

Hehe, when you take it as meaning my name it's a bit odd but I got that, uhh if this goes further we'll have to jump back over to christianity topic lol.. How are things going by the way?

So far, so good (like the man that fell from the top of the 30 story building said as he passed the 22nd floor LOL).....I talk to the Cardiologist Friday Morning.....

Well good luck to you on that one, maybe he'll tell you you have two hearts... Or possibly just an abnormal beat, they always freak when they find it, then it's nothing...

Thanks, They have sensed a lowered blood flow to a portion of the heart.....could mean blockage, could mean partial blockage, could mean the machine farted :-), in any case, it is not making me worried, or they would have already had me in the hospital again, to work on it.....treatment will probably start with medication.

well that's good news in the spectrum of heart news... enjoy using treatment as a work excuse to compensate yourself for having an appointment on your day off...

Actually, making appointments on my day off relieves me of some stress....since I don't have to RUSH back to work ;-)

Nice one, also you have the advantage of being able to say, 'it's my heart' for a few months... it's awful but crazy shifts involve crazy tactics, heh like the fact that I work fri, sat and sun with the most random assortment of hours possible...

This could be the start of a new Country/Western song...."I gave my heart to my sweety, but it never worked quite right after that...." Well, I don't care for my shift, but at least is is mostly consistent. I don't even like regular swing shifts....

Ack, I'm applying for new jobs due to that very problem... Hoping for the jewellers, commission, good pay and I can sell pay for bags even though the plasic ones are there, what does that say... hehe, I gave my heart to my sweetieeee, never worked the same again, no never, when I met my fifth wife I thought it was new all over agaaaaaaaain, but never did it happennnnn...


Reply 10 years ago

Chuckle.....just call me the "Three Faces of Adam" lol

That's an odd joke on so many levels, starting with the whole fact my name is adam and going from there... Also I have considered this a bit and realised that big conversations like this between two members are a great thing for any forum topic but also for 'ibles, see some forum topic that should be seen by more fall away in to the depths of 'ibles hell, they get the chance to have people view them, it's like featuring only a little more fun...

I suppose you got it that I was flip-flopping 3 faces of Adam for the 3 faces of Eve? (movie/book multiple personality). I had forgotten about your name and that was not a purposeful reference:-)

THAT wasn't very nice :-(

no, but he insulted my friend >:-(

I must be missing something somewhere....still, unless you are tied to him by martinet strings, you can not blame your actions on him. That is known as ownership. You take the credit when you do good, you take the blame for what you do wrong, ok? :-)

Word of warning, goodhart can talk the face right off people... also the be nice policy is carefully checked around this site, to keep it sociable and stuff, you're not outta line really but just keep it in check, I've gotten the preverbial shouting at many a time...

*chuckle* He does have every right to not care and to be unfledged....he is probably still quite young ;-) I continuously forget that there is a chasm of experience here between many of the posters here and myself and the other elders;-).

Just keeping people right, the other day someone told me to watch my language here for saying damn... or possibly indubitably... That and someone needs to give other's forewarning about your face removing talk powers... It's funny because I end up mixing it up with you lot quite often, it gets fun with the elder bit, I made a joke which kiteman dubbed as being meta-rickrolled... You got your mention in the old bit too... The only problem is that you lay reasoning upon us and we're stuck...

The only problem is that you lay reasoning upon us and we're stuck..

I can become as unreasonable as you want me to; but "you wouldn't like me to be unreasonable...." (sorry, a VERY obscure reference to the Hulk there).

It's ok I got it... Well it's more that reasoning with us works far too well, especially when a traind teacher, an artist with humour and a walking pun encylopedia combine forces, which I have seen happed...

N64 is the best!

but the n64 is a DEAD technolodgy..so make snes hack :P

like what?

figure it out yourself... something new... not a rip from the Internet blah blah bl;ah

i posted one my friend showed me in zelda

then why dont you make the first one?