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No one noticed Answered

While I briefly joined in on the recent change-of-image-thing, no one ever questioned the image I chose including Kiteman , Lithium Rain and others: Are people not paying attention, or do they not care? I've formed an opinion that "another B&W; / Sepia dude" looks much the same as any other... L It's a bit tricky to put a name to a face, but I think I've passed-off someone else (with a very well-known-name as Nikola Tesla without really trying) - come on who is he? - patch for the giving.



Eh, I could care less, unless it has something to do with a baby, like Corvidae

I think most Americans are intimidated by people from the UK in the who's who department. I noticed the new you right away but was embarrassed to ask who the new you was.

People go for Tesla on a reasons I miss I find him overrated; People like Diesel did things that made more of a difference in real terms. Huge weight of stuff is moved by Diesel engines .

Er, you do know why I "went Tesla" don't you?

Ok, seems as though I totally missed this one ? :-)

Yes, you pointed me to that. L

So who was I then (patch in it) L

Rudolph Diesel, inventor of the ~~world's noisiest smoke machine~~ eponymous engine!

Ahem, right-click on the photo and click "properties"...

Well, he certainly gave enough hints, even if you didn't peek as Kiteman did ;-) a quick Google of the one he favors over Tesla, would have given it away too.

Haha, Kiteman beat the codemonkey... > happy dance

I'm so ashamed.

XD I would like to see that...

And thank you! :D

(Although, I must own up to just glimpsing at it and assuming it was another image of Tesla.)

I may need to stop hitting you so often...you're flinching if I even talk...

(I also got a couple of PMs complaining about my switch)

No I don't get it, the patch-winning keyword isn't on that page. L

Ohh I see what you're saying. I should read more carefully. >Hangs head in shame< I have no idea.

I may keep mine for a bit, I kind of like it.


That kinda seems like something plasmana would do.

My internet was out, so I couldn't surf ibles and notice the trend.

I must admit I don't even question the icon changes - I'm not able to be on enough to follow them anyway. I was just kind of like, "Hey, everyone has old guy icons. Odd. Well, back to work." :P

I think you are a bit jealous that Kiteman gets attention when he changes his image.