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No option to make comment appear at top and setting promoted items does not work Answered

I have a couple problems:
1. No option to make comment appear at top.
There used to be a little checkbox saying if you want your comment of your instructable to appear on top. Now, I don't see one.
2. Setting promoted items does not work.
Whenever I set promoted items, it just says 'saving..' and does nothing

Also while i am at it. Instructables needs a undo and redo button. ctrl-z removes paragraphs, not characters, ctrl-y does nothing. I have had to redo paragraphs because ctrl-z messed it up.

Also, i don't want carriage returns to be deleted in my intructables.

I am using windows 7 and chrome.

Instructables is honestly the buggiest website I have ever seen.


After digging around for an answer, I found that the ability to feature comments used to be a thing, but does not exist presently.

Regarding setting promoted items on your page, that was a bug at the time the new page layout was released. Can you confirm that it still persists for you?

Same issue, it freezes at saving...

Ah, okay. Thank you! This has been reported to the engineering team to look into.

And Yonatan24, indeed I stand corrected. I didn't realize we could still feature comments here on the community/forum pages, but you are right! Nice catch :)

And here we are all this time later and my "set promoted items" still doesn't work.

It does exist, and works in the questions section, though.

Another bug i have found annoying for a while when adding a link to an instructable, is the little checkbox called "open link in new tab" has never worked.

Yes, that was a nice feature. +1

Featured comments. +1

Haven't checked.

Control z. +1!!!

Featured comment don't show up for me on instructables. Ctrl-z seems to work better although I haven't used it in a while.

Not much will change as most of the problems already existed when I started here....