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No power in any outlets up stairs power comes and gos ? Answered

I live in a old cobble stone house it seems there is one line that feeds all the out let’s the power comes and gos
i have checked all the plugs to see if there was a loose connection every thing was tight the only power I can find comes from the attic but again there is no power ther again how can I trace the power feed to upstairs the wires are all steel Rome wire can a breaker be bad  I’m not even sure what breaker runs upstairs any help would be appreciated thanks mike


Check light switches and power outlets.
Often eople were lazy and too shortcuts - like having one supply cable running from room to room or a single power point supplying an entire floor.
Sadly only too common in AU :(
I have a power outlet with 8 cables twisted together and they somehow managed to to queeze that into the screw connections.
Had to add another outlet to split it down to a max of 4 after one of my rooms lost power for no reason.

If you neither have the right tools to check, nor the required knowledge to stay safe I would recommend to call an electrician.
Otherwise I wish you a successful search.

Hi. Me 66+ of age. Beein'g in electrical related jobs for ower 40years, in telephone- industrial- and domestic-service and installations of all kinds. I have seen them most strange things installed and other phenomenals that could only be discribed as "Extern Territerial Phenomens". Like the one answer discribed "There was 6 wires connected to 1 connector". THAT IS A SERIOUS HAZARD. Your problem with them lights on/off might depend on a HUGE voltage drop depending on that horribly connection of several leads under the same terminal.

Thumb rule is => 1lead 1 terminal, (exeptions allowed => the total power of combined outlet < less than the security circuit can handle.

Lesson #1 Them safety circuit breakers, in the household 230VAC, are NOT actually there to protect them machines You plug in there, NO, say You have 10 outlets on the same line? The circuit brakers are there to protect them power cables. The restrictions here in Finland says: 1,5mm2, (square millimeters in area), can carry a load of 10A max. @ 230VAC, 2,5mm2 can carry a load of max. 16A@230VAC

If You exceed these regulations You have NO deal with Your ensourence company You lose

thanks every one I never thought abought checking switches low and be hold there was a loose wire in the switch box Thanh you all or the help I’m out of the dog house there’s power up stairs again


7 months ago

Not knowing your nationality, I can tell you in my country there is a low cost device that attaches to a wire and allows to trace that wire non contact from others even in a 4 wire Rome X and at both ends of a thin_wall metal conduit back to a fuse of origin..

This is why it helps to put labels on the circuit breakers in your breaker box. You know, like, labels that describe what loads are on each circuit, e.g. "upstairs outlets", "kitchen stove", "velociraptor pen fence", etc.

I have attached a picture. It is a screenshot from that movie, Jurassic Park (1993). I mean, your breaker box probably does not look as fancy as this one, but I am just really impressed by Jurassic Park's, well labeled, main circuit breaker panel. They made it look really nice, like no expense was spared.