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No working pro account Answered

Hi, I have paid a 3 month pro membership but if i logged in, I am not a pro member. I tried this in two different browsers on my macbook and PC. I have cleared the browser cache - without success. What is going on? Can someone help me? The Instructabes-Team gives no answer on my e-mails.

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email service@instructables.com with your username.

Hello, I just signed up for a pro account but when I try to "log in" to print a pdf of the collapsible work bench, it just flips back to the screen with the project and I am not logged in...

email service@instructables.com with your username.


4 years ago


Same problem for me... Just bought pro version. 10 mn ago my account was ok but now it seems I'm back to a free membership account. Got my paypal transaction ID, is there some kind of delay before I can use instructables.com as a pro member ?


Looks like this was taken care of, so you should be all set :)

same thing to me, no answer, and i still without my pro account, they all ready quest for my user name an ID# transaction and Nothing!! do they already help u or answer to you?


The only pro I see on your account expired in February. Who did you try emailing? The best way to get this sorted out is to email service@instructables.com with your username and the paypal Unique Transaction ID # so we can look up the purchase and get everything sorted.

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