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No yellow comment boxes on pictures using firefox Answered

Hi, This is probably a problem at my side, not an Instructable-caused problem, but I'm not having problems with any other site right now so I feel inclined to ask it here. When loading an instructible within Firefox (using right now), while the pictures are loaded, briefly all the yellow comment boxes are displayed on top of the pictures. Then they dissapear. Forever. Hovering the mouse over the pictures doesn't bring them up again, neither does reloading the page help. I'm not sure what could be causing this. Loading a page in IE (version 6.0.2900.2180.xpsp2) doesn't have this problem, but I don't feel like using IE for anything other than sites that really don't work within Firefox. I know it should work and has worked before, but can't remember what I could have done to cause this. Any ideas as to where to start? Using Windows XP professional, SP2 and (almost) all updates. thanks...



10 years ago

Hmm, I don't know, have you tried a Beta Firefox? (You can install&un-installed; the betas without messing up the stable version) -How about (Java)scripts? are they allowed

Hi, Just found it a couple of minutes ago. FYI, in case anyone would stumble across the same problem, it was a filterset in adblocker called ABP Tracking Filter. After going over all of the rules one by one, I found out it was the /Pixel.gif rule that was the problem. Disabling it returned the site function to normal. Should have thought of it earlier, ofcourse. Thanks for your reply.

Glad you got it fixed! =)