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Nobody has talked about this point (that I could find). Does this homemade laundry soap fade your colored clothing? Answered

The reason I ask because I stopped buying the 'cheap' detergent long ago because it faded my colored clothing. I know there is commercials dedicated to this; "wash after wash, the clothes still look new and the color hasn't faded!" Can anyone noticed that their dark clothes are faded and they have worn out quicker????????? This is the only reason I am afraid to try this money saving tip!! thanks :}?


I don't know if this will help, but I add about a cup of vinegar every now and then to my load of blacks or colors to preserve their color. Just regular white vinegar. It acts like a mordant (fixative) to hold the dye in the fabric. Nothing can hold the color exacly the same over time, especially in cottons...fabric wears when you wash it-fibers get thinner and break and that is usually what you see when your color fades. The vinergar also deodorizes nasty clothes, btw.


8 years ago

Cheap laundry soap has more salt/sodium added to it. I think that would probably fade it. I do not use any laundry soap with bleach or bleach free because it always seems to fade after awhile.

That would depend on what your using? My homemade stuff is 3 cup borax, 3 cup WASHING soda, 3 bars of ivory. I mix that into 5 gallons of water. i have been using this for a year now.If anything I find that stains do not set and my jeans don't wear/fad as much. Hope this helps