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Noise Maker Answered

What makes this thing tick, is it the black dot in the pic and if so where can a person by this or at least make it louder on 9volts.  http://news.webshots.com/photo/2227393080102250713YfmCLm


The black dot in the pic is usually a blob of epoxy or something to cover the chip that controls everything. It keeps the miniature chip safe and the programming a trade secret. You have to find the where on the circuit it leads to speakers or probably a small piezo buzzer thingy. You can hook that up to an external amplifier or try to amplify it with other electronics or change the output hardware. Adding more batteries usually will not work.

Thank you for the reply, is there some other chip that would do the same thing say from Digi-Key? I am new to this digital stuff and I do create a lot of secret smoke.

I don't know what kind of noisemaker you are trying to make but there are sound recorder chips or you can get more advanced to use something like an arduino to trigger different sound clips. Or look up circuits for alarms, buzzers, 555 chip oscillators, tone generators, etc...............

What I have is the board from an old Dukes of Hazard car, board has three buttons and one plays Dixie, one plays enging revving and one plays a person yelling eeeeehah.
What I need to do is make the volume louder, the noise maker was hooked to a set of speakers and placed on an adult down hill racer. Just needs to be louder.

As Caitlinsdad mentions you need an amp, I'd start with a pre-amp to get the sound to usable levels.

You probably need to get a small audio amplifier. Where the speakers used to go on your sound module, solder on an audio input plug that fits into your amplifier. You might have to play around with the volume on the amp or even need to modify the signal level to get it to sound good.