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Noise Pollution B-Gone? Answered

I liked the TV-B-Gone Instructable, it was entertaining and informative. Now I wonder if one could "snipe" one's neighbors' stereo set while they are playing Slipknot full blast at 3 am? (Calling the cops only does so much, I'd rather hit a button and go back to sleep.) I only have the most vague understanding of EMP technology, is that a possible/plausible implement for a solution? Or is there something else?


Cut their house power wires with big pliers or something!

Just kidding! Don't do that, you are going to make everything more worst if you do that...

From the Wikipedia Directed-energy weapon article, Microwaves section, emphasis added:

Microwave weapons also have considerable anti-material applications, as they are capable of disabling or destroying unhardened electronics. The components of a microwave weapon - a power source, microwave generator and an antenna - are all readily available, and civilians have successfully built and tested simple devices in this category.

Civilians, huh? Let's see, microwave source... Old microwave oven, works except controls died, yields working transformer, magnetron tube, capacitor... Encase in metal housing except outlet end to protect self, yup, can do that... Hmm? Oh yeah.

and finally


*...starts Google searching with "microwave lens wikipedia"...*

So how many times have your noisy neighbors stared unknowingly down the waveguide aperture ???<>

I'll keep you informed once the tally starts. >:->

Love thy neighbor... Guess that means you are my neighbor. ;-) Don't worry, I have a "three strikes" policy. Well, rough guideline at least... Sort of a suggestion to myself actually...

Ha I have no need for one, we moved in to a new street and have been subtly screening potential neighbours to build a better community, this is very easy due tot he current housing market, the only problem is it gets to be quite an effort, some jerk neighbours don't give a crap what you do when they're viewing, until we came up with the fireball machine, which is a massive 4L bottle hidden on my roof with a little butane line going in, sit beside it while having a smoke and surreptitiously light it, sending a massive flame across the street.

Ya and my place if there's loud music we'd either turn it down if asked, (( It would have to be real loud to make it 1/2 a mile to the next house )) or there's cold beer, food etc, and every one always welcome ....

It'd be a nice self-nomination for the Darwin Awards, though. One thing I worry about with the directed microwave weapon is the fact that to use it to disrupt the stereo, one would have to point it at at least one person. Aside from that, it sounds perfect (except I'm not sure that I would want to burn out anyone's stereo, let alone have someone burn mine out). Given those two caveats, I think tuned white noise would work better, since it's not permanent and not nearly as illegal.

find out the make of his stereo set and buy a remote for it

bolt cutters+ wires=happy neighbors

(wait, that might equal cops and shock)

It's simpler to take screwdriver undo the ring around the power meter and then pull the meter, if your good you'll put tape over the two top contacts and push the meter back into the socket upside down and screw it back down, and if you can get the seal back on it all the better if not, it doesn't matter because the power company doesn't always reseal them after they do a service disconnect, and thats what a upside down meter means.... All and all this should take less then two mins to do the first go round and under a min the second time.... Plus there is no damage, and don't steal the power companies meter this only ends up costing you and me more for power, and if the cops see you with one, they will treat you like your a dope grower and rightly so they steal meters and power......

. Be VERY careful if you do this. There will be arcing when you break the circuit. The more power they are using at the time, the greater the arcing. Wear safety glasses (leather gloves wouldn't be overkill) and try to do it when the A/C is off. The flash and noise associated with the arc will probably attract attention, so have a good escape path planned out.

Are you talking about the bolt cutter method ?? because I've pulled several meters and watched the power company change over about a hundred and I wouldn't worry about a thing, there was no sparking, well not that you can see it's all with in the meter box, and no noise , and every thing it very well protected even if you slip your fingers should not be able to touch any thing thats energized... ((( I won't go into the hot stick and how to turn off a city block )))

. If the load is light, it's not a problem, but it's something one needs to be aware of. Especially if one is not used to working with mains-level electricity. Doing it as quickly as possible helps. Don't be tentative about it - yank that sucker out! . All the meter bases I've seen are very well protected, but I still wouldn't stick my hand in the hole at three o'clock in the morning. ;)

True and it is better then the bolt cutters, I still have a pair of wire cutters missing one half of it's cutters from cutting through a 575 volt line, not fun (( I like it when electricians tell you it's safe to cut, now I check for myself as well ))

EMP is unlikely to work without screwing up everything else, too. If you can see his stereo set, you could use a universal remote. Maybe I'm in the minority nowadays, but that wouldn't work on my set: no remote control, ever. The old, fried amp I've been known to use interferes with all of the TV reception and audio in my house when it starts blasting static as it warm up. But it doesn't affect much farther. You could probably tune some kind of radio blast to make his Slipknot un bearably staticky. It'd be an unguided missle of sorts, but at 3 am nobody but Mr. Noisy Music is going to be up to notice. You'd need AM, I believe. You'll be working blind, but there are some standard lengths of RCA cable, which is what you'd want to tune to. You'd be looking for something like picking up AM radio stations with an unsheilded guitar cable, then changing the length of the cable and pickin up a different staion. Once you get your static "station" tuned to match the length of his amp's input cables, it'll be all static. You'd need to keep the broadcast going until you hear him turn off the music, then remember to shut it off!

That sounds about right... Not too complex, not harmful to people, not permanently damaging to electronics (I think)... Does it work against regular CD player stereos as well as radio tuners? Is there an instructable about how to build something like that?