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Non-permanent wall paneling? Answered

So I got the idea from this photo:


I was thinking how it'd be neat to put some kind of wood paneling like this around my bed, maybe toss some LED strips along the top for an added effect.

I'm trying to figure out a way to do this that won't be too expensive nor permanent (I'm renting my place so I need to be able to easily remove it when I leave). My thought was I could get the wood, stain it and then just screw it into the wall along the corners (or maybe even nail it if it's thin enough?) My alone concern with that are the screws/nails will look out of place, unless I'm able to stain them as well?

If anyone has any other ideas on making this happen I'd really appreciate the help!



5 years ago

You can buy panelling that is in sheets. usually made from MDF covered with a veneer.
This is very light and you should be able to fix it with sticky pads to the wall.


5 years ago

Use finishing nails. They are small so you will need a bunch of them but they won't be very viable.