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Non polarize capacitors? Answered

I would like to know two polarize capacitors joining negative to negative whether can be use as a non polarize capacitor. Thanks.


Place them in series with either the positives together or the negatives together, it doesn't matter which way as long as the same polarities are connected. See this thread for a better explanation.


I've done it before and didn't use any diodes. Using two electrolytic capacitors I just connected the two neg. terminals together and used the pos. terminals to connect into the circuit.

The only polarized cap's that I've seen are electrolytic.  If the diagram shows no polarization then it's meant to use something else besides an elec..  Unless it says "nonpolarized".

Just to make sure I wasn't remembering wrong here are a few links that describe doing just that.



Not directly, but you can do it using two diodes to apply positive cycles to one capacitor and negative cycles to the other. However the rectifying effect will have a 0.6-ish (or 0.3 for a germanium diode) offset to the rectifying action.
What is your application?