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Nondescriptive title... Answered

...so as not to cause a ruckus with the very ppl I'm about to bash. ;D

Nggggh... I guess this is more just to vent than anything, but honestly! Can't people do a simple search and figure out why pro accounts have been instituted? It's fine to not agree, if you feel like leaving, okay then, but my stars! They start ranting and raving and just generally displaying a ridiculous amount of anger (and then calling the ones who *are* pro bad things...). I mean, I can understand strong reactions, I wasn't precisely as happy as a clam about it when the announcement came, far from it, but at least I had the excuse of not having a couple months worth of discussion, replies and explanations from the staff and owners to look at.


Anyone else getting sick of seeing all the disgruntled people stomping around yelling about their rights to have everything, for free, forever? :( I'm so tired of typing the same replies to the same complaints and questions...


Kind of off topic, but I caught a glimpse of a cool ad on the home page. It said something like "join (PRO?) now" with a collage of avatars as a background. I saw mine and RadBear's, but the "recent" page loaded before I could get a screenshot (I clicked the link before I saw the ad). I tried refreshing the page a few hundred times, but the Wave Laptop Stand and the Concrete Lightbulb Wall Hook kept appearing something like 95% of the time.

And yes, whiners are annoying.

...I don't seem to be in either iimage :-(

The same thing, only with MUAHAHAHAHA in caps - it didn't show up the first time, so I posted it again, but when I hit refresh I saw my double-post. I removed one so as not to be utterly obnoxious... :-D


That's OK - who needs 'em?

Not us!

>Muffled sobs<

There might be more... (If I see you I'll post) L

Yea, there's more. I'm positive I saw myself and RadBear in one of them.

I've never seen me, I've only seen the two already posted.

Yes I saw that, and I saw me too. But there must be more than one image L


8 years ago


If you love the allsteps feature and custom patches so much, shell out a bit o dough and support the features for the future! It's less than what most people spend on food per week, for two years of eliteness .

I can drink 2 years worth in a day... L

...of orange juice. I just had about 3/4 of a gallon. Is that bad?

Ooh - a lot of sugar in that much. L

I'm so tired of typing the same replies to the same complaints and questions...

It's the same for a lot of subjects (anybody answered a question about Guides?), it's just this one is a lot closer to our collective hearts*.

Still, they need replying to, not so much for the benefit of the person complaining, as for all those others reading the posts - if they are left uncorrected, "lurkers" could easily assume that the moans are an accurate picture of the situation.

It's very much the same reason for responding to creationist posts.

(*That gave me a weird mental image)

That seems to be a fair summation.

Fair 'nuff (I rather suspected you might say that ;) ).

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Damned silly avatar...

Hey, that's what I got when I followed Lemonie's link!

Firefox, latest upload (on my shiny new PC - I'm slowly going open source, Windows OS, but OpenOffice Software {I need to get a decent book about GIMP, it's nothing like my 300 year-old copy of Adobe Photoshop Elements})

Open source ftw! Thought about installing linux (Ubuntu is a really nice, user-friendly one, good fore newbies)? It takes a small adjustment period to get used to the differences but you will never ever want to go back if your experience is anything like mine...Lira is here to help... :D

I think I've gone far enough for now - I have to bear the boys in mind, since they will be using Microsoft software at school for at least the next several years.

-_- That's the first time I've heard a think-of-the-children argument used to support using Windows. :-D (Plus they can run a lot of MS software in WINE under linux...)

That's what my mom did when I went off to college! I got a Dell laptop, which died on me and erased all of my lovely memories. BAHBAHBAHABHABHABHABHAHAHAH! >:(

Your mom ran linux and it messed things up? Or ran MS software in WINE?

The first bit about thinking-of-the-children-and-getting-windows. :p

My mom is a Mac enthusiast. I don't think she's dabbled in anything else. :P

A lot of people say that, but I can't say I agree. I've had much better luck with them. They've always lasted longer and outperformed PCs for what I use them for. I'm willing to pay the extra money for something that runs a bit more smoothly. :)

That's true, I was just thinking it's time for a new one - thanks! (Which one do you suggest?)

I suggest 5 or 7...

I think either of those would be good, but personally I like 4 ("Let's get drunk!") L

I should never have been allowed to have on in the first place... L


8 years ago

We're working on a short 1-3 sentence "here's the story of pro" blurb that can just be dropped any time the subject comes up, since it's usually from people who can't be bothered to read through the previous set of long Pro posts. We'll bounce it off the feature list soon, then post.

And yes, I do appreciate the patient explanations you've managed to give - it's frustrating to try to hand useful information to someone who doesn't want it.

Yay! That sounds awesome - I would use that 9 times a day, I think. :D Thanks. :) I must admit my patience has waned since the initial roll-out of pro and subsequent discussions - I used to sympathize with them more; these days I want to rip my hair out every time I see another user overreacting. :\

This is why I have just stopped reading it. I spend all my time at work trying to make people happy, I refuse to do it at home! They're never happy. And they get all emotional vampire on you and drain all happiness right out. So bah to them! If they can't use their thinkers and realize what's going on, I'm not dealing with it! :)

Agreed. I've got better things to do. Whiners will never be appeased, so forget about 'em.

I always have a little whine with my lunch (I eat lunch at home) ;-)

Hi, Kiteman. While I completely agree with you, putting this topic into the "Pro" category guarantees that the whiners will never see it :-)