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North Carolina Show & Tell Final details Answered

Well, semi-final details anyway.
Here's what we've got:
Show & Tell, Boone, North Carolina.
We'll be at the Bald Guy Brew coffee shop, November 8th, 2 PM. If you're interested in coming PM me or email me at the address I have listed on my profile.
If you want to come but don't have a project or skill you want to talk about, make some awesome some food and bring that.
If you're driving any distance and need to stay in town overnight, PM me about that too. I'll point you in the right direction.

It's looking like it will be a great crowd. We'll have a blacksmith, some guys from the ASU solar club, snacks, and a lot of other great stuff going on. If you have a PowerPoint for your presentation, put it on a USB drive. We'll have a screen and a computer. And coffee.

Hope to see you there! If you plan on coming let us know so we have a general headcount.




I'm resurrecting this topic to bring something exciting to the attention of the NC Instructables folks: MAKER FAIRE: NC!

A small group of RDU-area makers together with ShopBot are planning a regional maker faire next spring.  Details are still being hammered out but you can keep up with the latest information on the website, twitter, or facebook.


it will be held in Durham, NC.  The venue and date have not been finalized.  Stay tuned to http://www.makerfairenc.com for details.  You might want ot subscribe to the facebook page or RSS to get the latest news.



9 years ago

I would have come but I don't think my dad would have like me to go see a bunch of men from the internet....

How did this turn out? Do you have pictures?

It actually turned out pretty well. Not as many people as i had hoped... 3 canceled last minute and one got stranded in another county. We had about 15 people total show up. Only 3 or 4 talked about projects, but we had some very productive conversation. Jordan Drake, who hosts The Tech Report and the Over Clockers Forum podcasts, and now has his own radio show talked about what he does and gave us his story on how he got there. Then there was me, of course. I talked about biodiesel, biofuels, the global food economy, etc. Then we had a guy there talking about a hydrogen system he's built and put in his car to improve his gas mileage by 50%. And it works. He also talked about some future designs, and we bounced ideas around for a while. I think we had enough success that we'll do it again real soon. I do have pictures. As soon as I can get them from my camera to the the web I'll post a topic saying what I just said and some more.

Sounds good to me. Hubby and I are making plans now.


9 years ago

I want to know how this goes Nate! Pictures if you can?

I'll post picture soon. The event was fairly successful, not as many people as I had hopes, and quite a few bailed last-minute. So, i think we'll do it again and see if we have a better turn out. Our blacksmith was missing?

I'm at the event now at Bald Guy Brew in Boone. Just finished hearing a talk on DIY podcasting and listening to one now on building a hydrogen power booster for your car. Cool stuff. Up next is Nate's talk on Bio-Diesel. Way to go Nate! Thanks for putting this together...and Happy Birthday!

6 hours is a bit much for me since I hate driving. But if it looks like a ton of people might be coming, I'll have to ask off work. :D

it's a three hour drive for me so its a no go but thanks for trying

Hmm, I was kind of hoping to be able to come (not that I could have convinced the wife to come with me or anything). Had it been the weekend of the 22nd, I would have been set. I will still see however.....

Ah, sorry. Well, we'd love to have you if you can make it. Let us know!

No need to be sorry :-) It isn't your fault :-) I would fit right in at the "Bald Guy Brew coffee shop LOL

Oh, how much notice do you need ? This may be a bit of a squeak for me....I will have to check back in, in a week or two...

You probably don't need to give much notice at all, although do give me a call if you decide you can come. I'll PM you my cell number.


Not in San Francisco.

Covina would be better.

Or LA.


9 years ago

Oooh, this is prolly the closest thing instructables related ever... And yet, its still out of driving distance..

I'm sorry. Maybe you can convince your parents to spend the weekend here? :)

Another few weeks and it'd be full-on ski season too!

Boone used to have great skiing when I was a kid. I lived like 30 miles away, and went like 10 times a year. I used to take my skiis to school or church and head for the mountains when I got out (or skipped).

Haha, your a total BA. Hahahah :D

i can only daydream,the only thing that connects me to the community is www

I'll try to make it. I'm kind of lacking in money, but hopefully I can scrounge up enough by then. I should probably be able to make it.

Depending on where you're coming from you may be able to carpool with someone.

haha! I live here so I guess I will show up with solar panels, electric bikes, funky tall bikes and busses full of great ideas hope to see you there!

Man, I wish I could go! I grew up just down the hill from Boone/Blowing Rock.


9 years ago

Driving directions to Boone, N Carolina
529 mi – about 9 hours 5 mins

I doubt I'll be coming.

i need to buy a ship that can carry a car and cross the damn ocean


Any in california?