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North West UK Festival of Making Answered

Just wondering if anyone was planning to go to the Festival of Making in Blackburn next weekend?



It looks like it should be pretty interesting so I will be there and wondered if there were any other Instructable members planning to take the trip. 

If there are let me know and ill keep my eye out to say hello :) 
Also Ill probably wear an instructables shirt as I think its one of those events where the maker shirts have extra cultural capital :)


Oh, I missed that was on!

Too short notice to get there now, but take lots of photos and let us visit vicariously!

Lol will do :) I suspect im only going to be able to go one day but I will try to see everything.

Sorry I didn't update with photos, but theres a good bunch on their facebook site. https://www.facebook.com/pg/festofmaking/photos/?r...

Check out the fella who makes robot lamps, It was one of these events where you would like to bring a kid with you just so you can play with all the cool toys. I think top marks have to go to the Blackburn Fab Lab ~(the most recent one to open in the UK) for having multiple very good small projects and entertaining what seemed like hundreds of little makers. :)


Derby Maker Faire opens it's call for makers soon - I plan to attend.