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Nose deforestation ...... Answered

Hi !

As you probably noticed, the older we become, and the hairier becomes our nose .......

Unibrow or not, ugly or not, male or female, young or old, some people really seems not to care about how dense and "growing out" is the rainforest they harbour in their nostrils ... Lucky they are if they don't care !

Because (IMHO) when you care about it, struggling with Mother Nature becomes one of the most boring and depressing task ...

In other words : If you have a great (permanent ?) solution : share it !!

Optional questionnaire :
1) do you care about the hairs in your nose ? and why ?
2) what technique do you use to get rid of them ?
3) how often ?
4) for what result ? (do you try to deforest them all, or do you only remove the most visible trees ?)
5) do you recommend your technique ?
6) do you care about unibrow ?
7) do you care about hairy ears ?


You do not want to get rid of the hairs in your nose. They filter the air you breathe, removing bacteria, viruses, pollen, dust, pollution, etc.

Unless, of course, you have renounced breathing through your nose for all eternity. Then it's fine.

Actually, the hairs in the nose are just a "preliminary" filter for the large dust. The actual part that stops "bacteria, viruses, pollen, (tiny) dust, pollution, etc." is the nasal cavity, which is full of cilia and mucus that catches all the particles and microbes, and drive them back in the throat where your swallow them. In fact, I'm wondering if the hairs in the nose are not rather there to stop (or slow down) all or part of the mucus that try to escape by the nostrils during our sleep.

That's like saying that the first filter on my vacuum is just a "preliminary" filter, so I might as well throw it away. It still serves a useful purpose!

That's like saying that the first filter on my vacuum is just a "preliminary" filter, so I might as well throw it away. It still serves a useful purpose!

Nope. Actually I was just saying that the hairs in the nose don't remove microbes, dusts and pollution, and that I wondered if their actual purpose wasn't rather to stop or slow down what tries to escape it.

Nasal hair, or Nose hair is the hair in the nose. Adult humans have hairs in the anterior nasal passage. These hairs act as a fibrous filter for inhaled particles. Diffusion of ultra fine particles to the nasal hair occurs mostly for particles < 5 nm. Nasal hair has important implications for the health of the human body because a lack of nasal hair could invite the transport of potentially harmful particles into the respiratory system.

From wikipedia:

"Nasal hair should not be confused with cilia of the nasal cavity, which are the microscopic cellular strands that, unlike macroscopic nasal hair, draw mucus up toward the oropharynx via their coordinated, back-and-forth beating."

It goes on to say:

"In some cultures, nose hair protruding from the nostrils may be thought of as unattractive, as is hair protruding from one's ears. A number of devices have been sold to trim the nose hair, including miniature rotary clippers and attachments for electric shavers. However, given the function of nasal hairs, many physicians recommend trimming them lightly, if at all."

Never mind nose hair, why do our ears get so hairy??

Yes, that's weird how the hairs in our ears become so big and long when we become old. I'm wondering what's happen in the human body and that changes the diameter of a hair : could it be because the skin becomes looser and changes the shape of the pores and of the hair bulbs they contain ???

Maybe because as we get older, the hair loses ambition to obtain great heights (top of head) and so grows down lower (ears, nostrils, etc. ) :-) Seriously though, and not meaning to harp on it, but this area of the face is actually somewhat dangerous to mess around with, if one is prone to infections.

Snort fire... Umm you don't want to remove all the hair in your nose, removing the visible is done via small trimmers usually designed for such a task...

Personally, I rather prefer a pair of tweezers than a trimmer. It's more painful (and makes your eyes cry), but this makes my nostrils so beautiful and soooooo sooooooooft ........................... Xo)


10 years ago

Inhaling a candle flame through your nose is quite effective, but stinks horribly. No, don't ask...

No, don't ask...

Okay, and I will not even try yourthis technique neither ... =o)

I get rid of my facial hair by having lots of accidents in the garage (well, actually most of them are on purpose) Old proverb: A guy reads a sign that says anyone who's bear is longer than their hand is an idiot. His is, so he looks around and doesn't have anything to cut it with, so he uses his lighter. He ends up burning it all off. He realizes that the sign was right

Braid beads into it, make a fashion statement.

Just so you all know, there is an area on the face referred to by some as the "danger triangle" and it includes the nose. Care must be taken not to break the skin in this area, especially inside the nose, as it is harder to disinfect there.

This is the worst area to get an infection, and any cutting, plucking, or what not, can open the door for them
The "triangle of death" refers to the area stretching from the bridge of the nose to the corner of the mouth to the angle of the jaw.

Why is it so dangerous?

According to Dr. Paul Peteet, a physician at the University Health Center since 1987, the facial and maxillary veins in this area drain into the cavernous sinuses, or large veins that serve as an intermediary between the aforementioned veins and the brain.

another Danger Triangle link