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Not Knots? Answered

When I was growing up, many years ago, we were sharply advised to NEVER knot embroidery.

The knot would stand out and make a small lump under the fabric, making it less than perfect!!

Weaving it in to the first few stitches almost always is enough. But it always worried me. SO easy to lose that tail!


I have always heard this but just cannot bring myself to stitch without knots! I was taught to knot everything, and it's so hard to relearn it. I love the way weaving the ends in looks, but I tend to go on autopilot and knot the thread before thinking about trying something new. :P

I've always heard that knots aren't used in couture. What I've seen done is a knot is made at the beginning, then when the thread is secured by the first few stitches, the knot is cut off and the tail disappears into the seam.