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Not US residents able to win in Digital Days Photo Contest? Answered

Thats it, are not US (and Canada) residents able to win the price? I'm from Spain


I can't tell which contest you are asking about, but every contest states somewhere in the rules whether international entries are allowed.

Nothing like that is mentioned?? No Non-US entries then I think

oh, sorry, i post it under the Digital Days Photo Contest, so I thougt it was only going to be there. well, I'm asking about the Digital Days Photo Contest thx

Would you mind editing the title or text of the topic to add that information? It'll help when other people read this.

Presumably if you aren't a US resident (like myself) who is entering, you won't be eligible for second prize? Or if you do get it, it'll just go to someone else unless you're going to be around in the US to use it. Doesn't seem any reason why you can't enter, nothing prohibits you in the rules and you could certainly be up for winning the camera or the usual instructables swag.

some countries us citations cant ship to and some can cost over $15 shipping and $5 customs and can take weeks :/

The rules not have any restriction, But I really don't know if it could be possible. but I hope so, I'd like to participate in the contest.

The Official Rules for thhe Digital Days contest do not have any restriction on residency for submission or winning. Good luck to you!

I think it's US only.