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Not all Countries can join Instructables Design Competition Contest? Answered



Best Answer 5 years ago

Technically true.


If you were to find a collaborator* in an eligible country, and you were to win, you could simply give your collaborator's address for delivery of the prizes (and then hope that your collaborator actually sends your prizes on to you...)

* Ideally, a relative, friend, or at least somebody you actually know.


Different laws in different countries mean a CRAPTONNE of paperwork and legal work to be able to award prizes across borders. If your country isn't on the list, talk to your government and find out why.

Oh boy. Looks like my dream to have a little chance to win a laser cutter and mac retina are over.

Thanks Frollard

Wanted to make and show the process of making Autodesk123d 3d Aquarium tank.
Glad I ask.
Really thanks

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news - I was a little saddened by it as well...once autodesk took over ibles they have a LOT more legalese to follow with regard to giving away stuff (boggles my mind).

Not your fault and nobody's fault. Guess that's how it is. Oh well guess I'll have to built my own laser cutter. I wonder if someone here made one.

Thanks frollard
Happy New Year!

the diycnc forums have REALLY good build logs and advice to build your own!