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Not as cute as Womble...but he comes close! Answered

*see here and here if you don't know your Instructables history*

This is my family's new-old Cushman electric vehicle. Yes, it's the same sort of thing you see reading parking meters downtown. Yay for tiny awesome cars that don't use gas!

Any ideas for fun modifications? Plans so far include having a silly little decal printed for each side with an amber light on top so we look official, and mounting some 12V air horns in there to rattle the hubcaps off the jerks that pull out in front of it (We already mounted an electric ooga horn in my mom's Xebra SD, but air horns are so much more fun). Cardboard rockets that fire off of compressed air have also been proposed.

He also has no name yet...we'll be working on that...


Call him Cushty!

(And what have you got him for?)

And what have you got him for?

I have to get to school somehow...

That ought to turn some heads :-) 

Have you thought about security (as far as being stolen or vandalized)?

You could use the air horns you propose as first warning for anyone attempting to enter the vehicle in an unauthorized manner :-) 

He definitely needs some sort of security - an unusual, small vehicle is a grand target for pranks.

I once found my first Mini at the top of a small grassy hill after a school disco.  It had been carried there by a small group of my classmates, coordinated by my maths teacher!

Oh, and the there was the time I came out at the end of school to find a cow's leg (hide, hoof and all) on the roof.

I can remember seeing a friends reliant Robin (3 wheeler Search on wiki) And deciding to tip it . Me and three friends kept pushing it and tipped it on its roof !

Oh man I love those cars. One time one of our classmates was going on and on about is new mini and how great it was (except the wheels which he didn't like). We and the teacher got tired of it pretty soon so one day during lunchperiod the whole class carried his car to another parking put it on wooden blocks screwed off the wheels and put the wheels back where he parked his car.

Then when we got out of school we all went along to look at his cool car. the look on his face was the greatest thing I ever saw. Especially when one of our teachers came by and said "well it appears the people who stole your car didn't like the wheels either"

We once tried the same prank with a 2pk but it didn't work with that one. It seems when you lift that the springs just compensate for it and the wheels stay on the ground...

Yes, the first thing you mention is done a lot here too, especially with the smaller Honda cars and now with the really small Green ones.....of course, turning one around in an alley so that it faces a wall, with only an inch or two in front and back, is the ultimate non-harmful prank :-) 

That last one sounds a bit too "Godfather-ish" for my tastes (what a waste of good beef ;-).   What's next? The horse's head in the bed? 

Hah, my father admits to perpetrating the Mini-in-a-corner prank on a lecturer.

I have no idea where the leg came from - being beside a main road, it could easily have fallen off the back of a lorry...

You're both forgetting that it's electric...the battery pack alone weighs nearly as much as your old Mini. :D

It's also three-wheeled, which should give it a very tight turning circle...hard to get it into a spot it can't get out of.

Rigging up the air horn as an alarm isn't a bad idea, though....hmm....

With an inch or two in front and back,  turning is not what any vehicle will do in many of our alleyways ;-) 
well, maybe 2 to 4 inches....still very tight ;-) 

Be careful where you make those comments - some people will see them as a challenge!

I like the department of silly little cars decal :D Have you put it on it yet, or are you even going to still?

Have to find someone who can make one. I also need to modify it to look a bit more like City of Topeka seals.

arisoft turret on top,add a trailer for passengers (aka your army!)


8 years ago

Name it Craig.

So many possibilities...
Reminds me of a mine vehicle. OK, modifications would have to fill the back-in, make it look "Army" and turn it into a firework launcher?! There's time before New Year, it would make a great Instructable.
Name, mmm Mr-something?


Actually cushman is already a pretty cool name

Hahaha, very cool, I think you should go with the decals and the amber light !
You have to do the air-horn too !