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Not even 1 view yet? Answered

I posted this instructable 3 days ago and so far I haven't had a single view!  I'm wondering if there is a technical issue of some sort.

Here's the link: https://www.instructables.com/id/Installing-and-testing-an-electric-slug-fence-on-a/

Please let me know if you have any idea of what could be going on.




It may have been caught in the automatic filters for the weekend and was just released by the moderators. It has a few views now. The filters trip on anything in the text that zaps or maims and so forth. You might want to edit your title to Electric Garden Slug Fence to make it more succinct.

Thanks caitlinsdad, just changed to your suggested title. Starting to get some views!


If you're ever in doubt about your 'ible having posted, you can check the category that you posted it to. There is usually only a few minutes (or so) of a delay with most 'ibles (to appear under "recent"). If it was stopped by the filters (like catlinsdad said), it will not appear in the category until it has been checked and cleared by a staff member. (The time it takes for that depends on how busy they are and if its over a weekend or holiday it most likely won't get looked at until the next business day).

Hope that also helps. :-)