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Not receiving any email updates Answered

I have stopped receiving any email alerts since 02.07.2009 - have in the interim periodically checked the site, but would like to receive the automated alerts again. Have not changed email address nor have I deliberately or inadvertently modified any of my account settings.



8 years ago

Are you sure robots from the email aren't being dumped into your spam folder? 

I just checked your email settings and you are in fact signed up to receive notifications once and hour for messages and comments and once a day for subscriptions. 

We'll look at the email logs and see if anything isn't being sent out that should be, but please do let me know if you don't receive an email for this reply I'm writing now, and please do check your spam folders.

Other users who have yahoo accounts have reported problems in the past.  Another Staff member has suggested setting up a forwarding email account at a different provider if you continue to have trouble.

 I indeed received the email from the robot. Normally Yahoo marks their spam emails with [Bulk] in the subject line, and I have been checking to see if for some reason the Instructables email had been dumping there. However I have a header prefetch spam scanner that checks emails prior to downloading that marks emails by colour coding  (Green/good, Red/bad) and even this current letter you sent came in marked Green. When is your next dispatch? This Friday? It would be great to to start receving again.

Thanks for your assistance,


The newsletter comes Thursday morning (sometime between 5AM and 8AM PST).  Keep watch for that in two days.  If it doesn't show up, please consider switching the robot emails to another email provider that can then forward to you yahoo account. 

As far as I know we've never had any problems with Gmail.

Make sure to switch your email address in the newsletter as well, as that is managed by a different system then your comment notifications.  

I decided to take the pro-active approach after receiving your last message and went ahead and changed the email address from yahoo to a gmail account. (This was carried out Wednesday afternoon on 01/20/2010). Well guess what did not show up in my gmail account as of 13:42 01/21/2010. Yeah, right, no instructables.


I need something cleared up. 

Are you not receiving the weekly newsletter that is sent from "newsletter@instructables.com" or are you not receiving comment and PM notifications from the robot. 

They are two separate things and need to have their preferences/target email addresses updated in two separate places.

We'll figure this out!

Any updates on what the issue might be in regards to my no longer receiving 'weekly updates' from the Instructables web site?



I just re-signed you up for the newsletter using your new gmail address.  Let's see what happens this week and go from there.  You should see the newsletter in your Inbox on Thursday morning PST.

Let me know what happens,


Ok, so I'm waiting patiently for and Instructables weekly update to appear in my 'gmail' account. Waiting.......Waiting........no show! This was about 08:30 or 09:00 Eastern. So I check my regular 'yahoo' account and what do my weary eyes see? Yup,  an Instructables weekly update! What's with yoos guys email system?

But, that's not all. I'm writing this approx 15:20 Eastern. So I checked my 'gmail' account again a moment ago, and there to greet me is......... - An Instructables! So now I'm getting it in both accounts. Ah technology! Ain't it grand! Don't change a thing! Let's see how it hangs.


Glad this is finally resolved!


I am not getting the weekly newsletters. The only place of which I am aware to change the email address that I would be using is the Settings/Change Email under Customize, if there is another location I've yet to locate it.

In any event, when first signing up for the newsletter, only one request for an email address was issued and I only entered (1) one. A note of interest in regards to this... previously when responding to your comments, I would get an email sent to my (yahoo) account indicating a comment had been deposited. Now that I have changed to a gmail account I did not receive a email saying a comment had been left - I just decided to check to see if you had and am now responding.


You are signed up to receive notifications of comments as they happen hourly (if any comments are made).  So, they should be coming in fairly soon after someone writes them to you.


Though I have received all your 'comment' messages since I made this query about not receiving weekly updates from 'instructables'; I waited, with anticipation, for the regular update this last Friday 01152010, watching for it......but it never arrived. Comments are apparently coming through without difficulty and 'are NOT" being tagged as SPAM. The updates are simply not getting to my account, no sign of them last week. Is there a way to reset my account and then send a test for functionality? I would really like to start again receiving the updates from your excellent website.

Thanks for your assistance,


I have not gotten any instructables in months. always check "spam" nothing there? Help Help

 Answer to the problem:

Switch to gmail.