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Not your grandma's crochet Answered

I just discovered the artwork of Patricia Waller. She seems to mostly make stuffed crocheted items, but despite the bright cheerfulness of the first glimpse, the content is weird, spooky, gruesome, or otherwise unexpected. These are no lace doilies!

Some of my favorites are the hermit fairy, man-eating tiger complete with bleeding arm, and the slightly annoyed-looking roasted pig. There are lots more. I can't decide whether I'm more impressed with the bizarre subject matter or the remarkable detail.


So totally on my wave length now!!!!! These are great for inspiring not your 'run of the mill' kids. (Ours are a little challenging!!) Thanks

That IS rather wild.

In fact, the one below is one of my favorites:


Those are amazing - I showed Kitewife, and she made me check that they really were crocheted, and not sewn up from knitted fabrics.


10 years ago

Those are HUGE. Which is perhaps better than my original thought that she was using horrendously small needles to get that level of detail (and size of stich!)