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Notebook with removable pages? Similar to Circa / Rollabind Answered

I'm putting together a DIY planner, but I keep thinking that I want to have the ability to add and remove pages at will.

Some DIY examples I have seen that allow this are the classic hipster PDA, which uses a binder clip, and other designs which use opening rings.

I'm not a massive fan of either - the binder clip is a bit too

I really like the Rollabind ( www.rollabind.com/ ) and Circa (www.levenger.com/PAGETEMPLATES/NAVIGATION/Products.asp) systems. They provide a set of disks, and specially punched paper, that allows you to snap in and out pages at any time. A major shortcoming of this system is that their proprietary paper needs to be used - the system relies on the right shaped holes. The do sell a punch to allow you to use your own paper, but its very expensive.

Are there any other systems out there?

I might try the rollabind/circa system, and see how feasible it is to cut the paper yourself by hand.



6 years ago

I came up with an idea for making these detachable pages.
It consists of perfurating holes in the paper using a sewing
machine. I have not had the opportunity to try it out though,
but I think it should work fine, as the sewing machine has enough
strength to take on the paper, as it can easily perfurate heavy
cloths as jeans and make evenly spaced holes in a straight
line. If anyone does take this forward, please, take some pictures
make an instructable and tell me you did it so I can have some
feedback. Good luck! Hope I've helped.

take your stack of paper, the ones you want to use now and the ones you might use later to office depot, or staples and have them do the whole punching and binding, I paid $4 to have my pages printed, punched, and spiraled. then if you want to remove a page you just unwind the spiral add your page or take one out then rewind the spiral. I've done this in the past for a day planner. you can choose clear cover sheet, or a colored one.


I know this is not very timely (I just found this topic) but here is Staples' inexpensive alternative:


Their hole punch is $40.

Yes, the punch is not exactly "inexpensive" (depending on one's budget), at Price: $59.95

Of course, the 2 or 3 (or more) ring binders are not always so efficient, but many of the punches are a bit cheaper.

There is a list of options at this patent site, although I am not sure how many of them are available.


7 years ago

I love the Rollabind system. I bought a punch and store every thing paper, better then a file cabinet. Different notebooks for different segments of my life and business.

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