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Notification of winner not received Answered

I was one of the winners of the Coffee Challenge (YEAH ME!!!) I have never received "official" notification (I think I read I would need to sign something) I just saw my Instructable (Good Morning Coffee Soap) on the Winner List.

I didn't think much about not getting the prizes until my DH asked tonight.

What do I need to do, or whom do I need to contact?

Now that I'm thinking about it I've never gotten the Sugru from entering a before and after beard picture on the December beard challenge. :-(


Hmmm, the Coffee contest ended a week or two ago. I would be patient a bit longer, usually they get the new batch of interns to send out the prize acceptance notices and do their thing to ship it out.

You should see a Private Message or look in the email your account is linked to. The message would contain a fill-in form for the shipping address. From there, you would get sent a notification that the ibles prize pack is sent out(priority US mail- delivery confirmation only-no tracking) which has the t-shirt/patch/stickers. The actual prize, if any, is shipped separately from somewhere like Amazon, you do not know when that will show up on the doorstep.

I guess you should just do a personal email to service@instructables.com to see what's up.

We've yet to send out the Coffee prizes yet, and we have so many prizes to give away. We're all backed up with swag! We're doing our best to get it out the door as fast as we can!

Thank you I see it now.......I even filled it out......perhaps I wasn't well enough "caffeinated" that day so it didn't stick in my memory!

I LOVE that you have a LOT to give away.....it's a GREAT problem to have!

Thank you again. I can't remember the last time I won ANYTHING and I'm very excited!

no email, but I see where I missed the notification in my inbox (ooops) I HAD gotten it, and even filled it out........YIKES....maybe I hadn't had my coffee that morning yet! I also got the help I needed to find other "missing" notifications.....

thanks (embarrassed)

I too was a winner in the coffee challenge and I received both an email and two message notifications within an hour of the winners being posted. If you didn't receive an email or message there is definitely something wrong. Shoot them an email.