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Novelty Car Horn - Help! Answered

I bought an Ooga horn, and a button wiring kit, but i'm having some trouble...First off, there's no relay, should there be? Also, do i need to buy an additional toggle switch? I don't want to replace my existing horn, simply add another horn. Do I need a new fuse, too? And...I don't really understand the diagram, so if anybody knows where to find better instructions, or can provide them, that would be greatly appreciated.

Key to the diagram:

1: Original Horn
2: Existing Fuse
3: Horn switch on steering wheel
4: Fuse 10 Amp
5: Selector Switch

My Horn




7 years ago

Well people has their own opinions, but for me novelty horns or musical horns are quiet good but sometimes its annoying. i just wonder if the momo horn button are any good?


10 years ago

Oh, that is an annoying noise!

Is it an attempt to reproduce the proper aa-oogah noise (as heard in Laurel and Hardy shorts) electronically?

Oh! These guys look like they're installing your exact horn!

In my first Mini, I installed a pair of air-horns, which made it sound like a truck had sneaked up behind you.


Reply 10 years ago

Not really electronically, it's motor driven. But yeah, that's it. Thanks for the video, it helped explain a lot. With some help from nacho via IM, i've got it all sorted out.


10 years ago

. In the top photo, everything to the right of the selector sw (5) is existing wiring. You need to add the selector sw (or just unplug the existing horn), fuse, and relay. The relay coil is driven by the horn button. Power to the horn comes from the fuse and throughthe relay contacts. . Not sure about the ?resistor?/scissors thing. . If it were me, I'd just unplug the wire from the existing horn and use it to drive the relay. Don't forget to install a clamping diode.