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Novice needs,Uses for this security light? upcycle Ideas? ? Answered

I have taking all the casing off this old security light while i was looking for resistors suitable for leds about 140ohms(if any advice where to find in junk would be good =P off topic though) and seen inside is in good condition so anyone suggest wht to do with it and comps, eg should i just strip all comps off bored or keep as is and upcyle/ integrate into other project? 

could be an idea but looking to get lazy and make remote light switch see:https://www.instructables.com/community/Help-Newbieatm-question/ How about a motion activated uplighter for my small room? would it be simple?

Help from you Brainy legends would be very much appreciated.

Oh be nice am a rookie atm lol ;)


Well you have what looks like a AC mains rated cap (yellow). Did you study how the light worked? It looks like either a IR motion sensor or a light sensor. You could potentially use the circuit as is to control something else with motion or light.
(Off topic)
As for resistors just order them off of eBay. You can get 50+ for a couple of bucks. Just make sure 140 ohms is really what you need. That's not a very common value, especially for a LED circuit. What is your plan with the LEDs?

Thanks for reply...... Yes it is AC and if i remember its motion sensor (im guessing) as could be light? as it has 3 dials on the back LUX,TIME and cant remember other, will update. "You could potentially use the circuit as is to control something else with motion or light." Perfect i wasn't sure weather too take apart or not, was tempted but glad i never =) I think i will be ore into Mods atm rather than circuits, i will be taking them one step at a time as scarrrryyy =o lol....

As for LEDs im spoiled for choice with all the ideas on here but in the mean time just wand 1 LED (RED) to say when my car stereo powered from psu is on stand by and Another beside it (GREEN) to indicate when power is on.I think i will post pics tomorrow of exactly what i mean.

Can you suggest some BASIC cheep i poss from junk to get me started. In tech i mean, circuits, mods, up-cycling etc?

Again cheers for reply buddy.

Oh missed sentence lol.... I couldn't study as was lying in my dads garage but do remember being a security light out back garden... is its possible its a PIR, think thats what there called, they pick up body heat and differentiate from say a cat or dog to a human? just came across them, cant remember where lol.

A PIR sensor does indeed detect body heat, the the form of infrared energy. It can differentiate between animals and humans because the humans emit infrared in a certain bandwidth. Also it can be setup to only trigger if the change in temp is large enough to be a human but not a dog.

As far as resistors for LEDs you need to know what type of LEDs (size, color), how many leds, and how much voltage your power source will provide.

As far as projects (I think that's what your asking, correct me if I'm wrong) you have a great start with that PIR sensor circuit. Think of things you turn on and off. Almost any of those things can be setup with this circuit in one way or another to become motion sensitive. Another favorite project from scrap is something with old speakers or headphones. You can make portable speakers or add speakers to things that don't have them. Electrical components are very cheap through ebay (thanks to china) so don't shy away from a project you like just because you need a regulator or something.
For close to $20 you can get a Arduino Uno and then the electronics world is your oyster.