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Numeral 4 cake? Answered

I need to make a numeral 4 cake for my grandsons's birthday. He wants it red (for Lightning McQueen) so I think I will then add road markings and car.  


As both yokozuna and orksecurity have already said... a standard cake tin and a dense cake recipe (moist is good too)... and then the trick is to use as much cake as possible... here is a nice step by step for a number four cake (with template).

It should be pretty easy... just bake a regular round cake (or rectangular) and cut away the parts you don't need. You can frost those and keep them for yourself. :)

That's certainly what I'd do. Dense cakes work better for this, especially if you want sharp edges or small details; they're easier to cut without crumbling

Note that if you plan ahead, you may be able to cut a rectangular cake so it reassembles nicely into a 4 with no cake left over. Use frosting to glue the edges, just as you do in a layer cake.

I carved a taxi out of pound cake once, using colored frosting to create all the details of windows and doors and so on. (Long story. A picture exists, but not a very good one; it was mostly to document that the taxi had been delivered.)