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:O I soldered something! Thank you instructables! Answered

Okay. This is stupid. But I did it!

I, me, Lithium Rain, soldered something - and it isn't teh failz.

It works.

It works.


I have attempted for three years to teach myself this skill, and failed badly every time. But I did it this time!

A whole new world is mine. All those instructables I looked at and sighed with resignation that I would never be able to do - I can try them. All the broken earphones - I can fix them. All the little things that would have been so much easier - I can do them!

And instructables is why. It sparked my initial interest and all the awesome projects and users motivated me to keep trying even when I was melting humongous blobs of solder into a big mess, and giving myself cancer from breathing the fumes, and burns from hot metal and solder, and a complex because I couldn't solder two dinky little wires together. Thanks, instructables!

Okay, so it's not that big an accomplishment. But it made my day!


lol, I wonder where i can get a soldering iron?

I wonder if theose coleman cold heat ones work....

. I've never tried one, but I hear they are not very good for electronics projects.

What?!? What kind of crappy RadioShack did you go to? Oh wait...that's redundant, isn't it? Sigh....

. Remember The Good Ol' Days? Back when RS specialized in components and the clerks knew the difference between a capacitor and a resistor. Back when men were Men and wimmen were dang glad for it. That's "progress" for ya. :)

all our radioshack sells is adapters, lappys, and remote controlled cars.

I was making a useless comment, I set a goal of breaking 3 digits today!

I is late, but Good For You!

Argh! I didn't see this when you posted it. A little late, I know, but anyway...



Congrats! We need pictures now so we can judge it :D

I'm in the same boat...i've just always blamed it on the Iron I was trying to use.

Yay! I actually bought all the tools for soldering but then never started the chastity belt project. :( But I hope to be following in your steps soon!

I hope so, too! It's actually really fun and easy once you stop being a big dummy and wrap your wires so they don't short each other out. xD

Yay! I don't have a soldering iron, I'm sure we have one somewhere though...


9 years ago

+3 !! Congrats!

. Wooty-woot-woot! NerdGurlz rule!

Well done that Group I metal!

I still don't see what's so difficult about soldering but congrats anyway...

*sniff* They grow up so fast......

I remember the first time I soldered something......The trip to the Trauma Ward was worth it in the long run.....

Yay ! haha

Look out, weapon of mass construction.


yay! I remember when i first soldered something... I tried to grip the iron like a pencil near the tip on instinct :P Never made that mistake again! On a seperate note, I just succesfully soldered my first "hard" smd chip! The ATMEGA2560, it has 100 pins with 0.5mm in between each pin. And the worst part is, if you screw up you just lost ~17 bucks! But yay! I did it with no screw ups! (confirmed via microscope) now my back hurts :P