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OE-Cake = Awesome Answered

Hey you should check this out. hhttp://www.phyzios.com/eng/casual.html Here are a few videos for OE cake


OctaveEngine also powers a game I play on my iPhone. Very similar to this. Video of it below.

yea but the ipod touch is cheaper and plays all the programs an iphone does

but now there's the new 3g... it costs less than some models...

but you cant put different objecks in it like mocha or feul

yeah, sucks, but it's way easier to get, and you can still modify physical properties, and have water....

COOL! bu the video is broken it looks like.my computer doesnt show it sorry.

never mind but i found the youtube video.Awsome!!


9 years ago

If you have kept your install of OE Cake, it should have started working again.

OK but is was working


Does this work for MacBooks? The instructions are in Chinese... It looks so cool!

you mean japanese

it's not chinese....

GET IT RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sorry, us asians are more different then you think, lol

I didn't know I downloaded a trial, how do I get the real thing?!

Mine expired too, I want the real thing

I have the real thing for free from the website

How did you get it?

i know a guy. lol no it was just released but i got it before everyone else got it.

I found the version on the japanese site and it seems to work. How do you insert images into it

I mean draw images

i have no idea.mac or pc

i have no idea sorry

I figured it out, you drag and drop while your desired type of object is selected

Download the one on the Japanese site. It is newer and I have had it for a while instead of a few hours.

you are weird dombeef i do not even know why you were born

oh you just shush you know who you are...

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9 years ago

This is so cool

10 minutes or are you waiting for 10 days to come around?

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HI DOMBEEF!! I have OE CAKE it is pretty cool