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OFFF 2009 Answered

At the 2009 OFFF, International Festival For The Post-Digital Culture, I gave a talk about the DIY movement, and what drives it forward, which was part of the NERDFERENCES PANEL With Eric Wilhelm, Peter Kirn, Gijs Gieskes; curated and presented by Julia Carboneras.

You can find a PDF of my slides attached below.



9 years ago

Check out slide 9 for awesome

i loved the nerdferences!!

Someone took video and promised me it would be available next week.

. OFFF has a nice looking web site, but the navigation really sucks. Not even a search (that I could find). By hovering over the pics near the top, I finally found E. Wilhelm, but when I clicked, it sent me to Ibles. . Any links to the pages about your presentation?

Yes, their website is a bit tough to extract information from.