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OK Go's new video has a fantastic Rube Goldberg device Answered

 OK Go has always been keen on including some well thought out visuals in its videos. Their latest is no different. The whole thing is one long Rube Goldberg device. Unlike most videos like this where the camera patiently tracks all the action, the sequence is pretty hectic so pay attention. Or watch it more than once. I'm sure the band won't mind.


 This is pretty amazing. 

The sad part is, if you messed up and had to start over, it would take a LOT of time to set everything back up correctly, including buying a new T.V., piano, etc...

*not shot. I meant more than one take.

they messed up a bunch of times, actually. if you pay attention to little details, you can see that the video was actually more than one shot.

That was the greatest video ive ever seen in my life

has anyone seen the other video to this song? the band has ghille suits on. haha

That is probably the coolest thing I have ever watched in action. Someone had a lot of time to do this. Great imagination. 

 I love Rube Goldberg contraptions, Ive always wanted to build one

WOOOOW! LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

You guys are amazing, awesome, fantastic. This made me and my Misses laugh like children. Thanks for sharing.

You guys are heroes.



8 years ago

I'm not a big fan of OK Go's music, (so far), but damn, you gotta love this video. How original, and who doesn't like dropped pianos and smashing tvs?

OK GO's videos are always fun to watch, but this is their best one yet! Surely, it wasn't filmed all in one take, was it? Anyway, I like how the objects get bigger and bigger, until there's all this chaos going on!

Yes! This video was great!  I am sure a lot of work and imagination went into this.  It was amazing!

Made of 100% solid win. The machine is even in time with the music!


8 years ago

Holy cow! That was awesome! I liked how when they smashed the tv, it was playing the treadmill video.

 wow, just wow. 
thats all i have to say.


8 years ago

Check out this link for some behind-the-scenes info on the making of this incredible video:  http://igniteshow.com/videos/music-machines-ok-gos-rube-goldberg-inspired-machine

Apparently it took 20 consecutive 18 hour days to get the perfect shot.  Craziness.

Holy mother of all that is strange and the mercy of love itself, that is one helluva RUBE!!!!?!
I especially enjoyed the television set beeing pulled back and smashed.

 for those who didn't love ok go already, there's no excuse now!

Also, anyone notice the car was a MAKER Faire car?

Great spot on the car.  I personally like the pile of 10 or so broken TV's from as best as I can guess, 10 failed previous attempts at slingshotting the guy into the boxes.  

Strange, slingshotting is getting through my spell checker.  Must be a word.  Who knew.

Not to mention the layers of dried paint spattered on each of the band members!

Such an excellent video, and a cool song too!

omg,That was awesome

freken agreed

Ok, yeah.  That was awesome.

Cool! but i wonder how much it realy costs...


Mostly because I didn't think of it first. Wow.


8 years ago

That is quite possibly one of the coolest things I have ever seen.  I'm going to go and re-ponder my universe for a while.

 I too need to make sure the laws of the universe still apply after seeing that.


That is brilliant - a classic of the genre.

Hahaha wow that was amazing, i love these machines

it got really good at the end make sure you watch all of it !

.  Too cool! Well worth watching more than once.