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OK that's it. What do you want me to build? Answered

I'm getting a knex bucket from my friend cheap tomarrow (or maybe today if the forum shows up late like always...) and so I'll have enough pieces to fufil most requests. I still have my "will replicate any gun" thread going so check that out if you want me to make a certain gun. I just really need to build something. I'm also itching for making some new innovative design so I need ideas. Tell me exactly what kind of gun you want (shotgun, sniper, sidearm?) and I'll see what I can do. I also want to get more videos up on youtube. (masterofthelines -check me out later on this summer to see what I'm up to. Hey maybe you'll eventually meet who I am under "TheDunkis") So yeah tell me any details but for the love of god IF IT INCLUDES ANYTHING ABOUT FULL AUTO I'M JUST GOING TO FLAT OUT IGNORE YOUR POST AND POSIBLY YOU FOR THE REST OF MY TOPIC. OK just had to get that out of the way. And I doubt I'll think of any new semi auto ideas but feel free to mention any other ideas you think might be possible. Oh yeah tell me does anyone right now feel interested in another M4 that both looks good and has a good working magazine and rail system? I made one before but ran out of pieces so I might rebuild it again. I found out most guns here can either look good and not be the best or they can work awesomely...and not look the best. I know most of my guns aren't the greatest quality and that's why I'm trying to improve and at least mine worked for the most part. ~TheDunkis~


g36c it doesnt hav to fire it can be like a model

im the one who told him to make it and he duz need to post plzzzz

well actally I made it before you told me to. It just so happens it was the gun I made before the 74. I doubt I'll get to it. I might make a normal G36. In any case I might be leaving instructables.

why leave instructables your the best replicator here

nah. I'm not nearly the best. Katarakito (or however you spell it I can't remember his name dangit >_<) Made an awesome dragunov and a better AK-47. You also have trauts who by the MP40 proves to be just as good as me if not better...face it that's all I do and there are people better than me. I have no use around here anymore.

Even if other people might have made a better replica, you made the first good removable and curved mag, AND your gun still was a better replica than most.

lol yeah I remember when I first made the AK-47 I was commenting on how I finally made the first decent AK-47 and an easy removeable mag...yeah it does have a good rating it is on the second page but it just doesn't satisfy me.

alright, whatever floats your boat.

Why not go old-school, and build siege weapons?

y'know I think I'll actually take your advice. I'm kinda interested in trying to make a mini scorpian (no people not the sub-machine gun, the giant cross bow thing) It would be great if I could make a life sized one but out of knex...yeah that ain't happening.

It could happen if you had lots of knex and some other people to help you.

Well yeah but I'm not that crazy as to get enough knex in the first place. It would be pretty dang awesome though.

try: a semi-auto pistol, with ram, and slide action

How can it be semi-auto if it has to have a slide? That makes no sense at all.

well, semi auto is one trigger pull per shot, and also the pistol is not muzzle loaded..

You don't even get what I mean. If it's semi-auto it doesn't need a slide, because the slide wouldn't do anything.

even if the bullets were stored in a mag the slide wouldnt be semi auto?

I actually thought of something like this. Like blow back action? Basically it will be semi auto and the ram will be connected to a slide so when you pull the trigger the slide blows back like a real one.

That won't work because K'nex doesn't give enough recoil.

wasn't talking about recoil. I'm saying that the trigger will pull back the pin connected to the slide so it also gets pulled back.

That's kind of useless. Semi-auto's are hard enough to make already.

slide actions are easy to make, its the only type of successfull knex gun i have designed

A slide action is not a semi-auto. Learn your therms.

Yeah it would be more of for looks than purpose. It's another one of those "first of its kind" things.

Loosewire already did this, but you can do it...

lol what is it with you and mp5s? are you not satisfied with what we have? I'm either flattered that you know I could make a better looking one or annoyed that you just have to keep searching for someone to make one that you like. Well I guess I could have another go at it. It's a rather small weapon so give me some time and I'll make another one and posibly redo the MP5k.

lol, am sorry mate, just really like them. will you be posting ur m4 (the gun in ur pic)?

OK well you're our lucky contestent on What gun do you want me to build?! I'm going to work on an mp5. I'm still surprised that no one else made an even half decent looking one so yeah they're small. I'm just going to remake my MP5k and then just have different front attachments so yeah it will be back barrel.

Ok yeah I got done with the new gun. It has interchangeable barrels (along with a top part) and I'll have a small and a large magazine. I have yet to do so but I'll make a stock for the regular version. Unfortunaly I don't think I'll make it adjustable but there is still hope.

Lol well we all have our favorite guns. Yours happens to be the MP5 while mine is actually MP7 (and AK-47) Well I will eventually but not right now. It is pretty simple when you learn about it so I might get someone else to build it.

Any kind of turret would be groovy.

I had an idea for that. I'll probably get to that when I get more pieces.

Well I just can't get anything to work for my side arm so I might just skip right to this instead.

Nevermind I'll get to this later and obviously it will be a MG. It will have to use a crank though but seeing how it's made to be stationary that shouldn't be a problem.

huhgrr...excuse me that's what I say when I get annoyed for getting done with something and wanting to rest and instead get told to do something else...I don't know why it's just my automatic response in real life. I'll get to it at one point but remember I do guns that I say I will in a funky order. Now I gotta finish reading all my emails...from last night until now I've been gone and have received 10 emails all from instructable 2 about joining my group and the rest comments. This should be fun

Fun, Fun, Fun! I use my comment tracker instead, I find its a little less hassle.

yeah I know but I like to know if I actually get a comment instead of going to instructables all the time.

Yes, well, I use instructables a lot so its no problem for me :-)